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Occipital Neuralgia + ?? 5 Months Long of Mystery

5 Months ago around March 20 I had an ice pick headache - I've had a few before and moved on and no other issues. I then had a pretty bad weather related headache because it was storming for 3 days, but then the headache never left. I then had a sharp ear ache which I went to the Dr and he said I had inflamed sinuses and a retracted ear drum. He gave me some Dicloflenac and said I might have a tension headache. It was very pressure-y feeling and then had minor shooting and pinching pain in the back of the head. I went back and he gave me cyclobenzaprine and more diclo to de-tense my muscles - the combo seemed to work great for 10 days and the pressure was less, the pain was less and the pinching went away. But as soon as I was off it went away. At this point OTCs didn't help except BC Powder. I went to a neuro and had an MRI no contrast  and came back clear. I then thought well now I won't worry so much so it will go away and sure enough it seemed to ease up a lot but then my jaws hurt, my back teeth hurt, and I still had some headaches. I saw another Dr a few weeks later who gave me Meloxicam and cyclobenzaprine - I took a higher dosage daily for about 3 weeks and it really helped. Had a lot less pain. Pressure left from my face, only occasional shooting spasm pain. She said my tension in my neck and shoulders was pretty bad and I even saw a dentist and wear a mouth guard. But after I ran out of the meds, the pain slowly came back, saw another neuro who gave me two nerve blocks one on either side of my head for occipital neuralgia - It numbed me and I was told it could take a month until the full effect of the steroids will work, though thus far I feel like it's made it worse. My right mastoid area has been aching pretty much non-stop since the injections. I get shooting/shock pains from the back of my head to my eye, my ear area aches, and the top of my head aches. All of this has ached before, but wasn't as constant. Tylonel does help but exactly 4-6 hours later it's back. I am due for a second round of injections since my Dr said even though the improvement I had at first was very temporary and short lived these injections can compound the effect. I want to believe him, but with little relief over the past 5 months I am doubtful.

List of symptoms:
March-May - come/go daily dull ache in various areas of head, mostly right side
May-Present - sporadic shooting/spasm type pains mostly in the back of the head, sometimes on the sides
March-April - lots of sinus pain/pressure in face, bridge of nose, eyes, forehead, temples
March- April - squeezing pain in back of head and pressure (seems to have returned but not as often)
March-Present - sporadic types of ear pain - from my retracted ear drum to dull aches, to shooting pain - only been constant ache since this week (8/10)
Aug - Eye pain - right side of right eye has ache pain
Aug - ache in back of head and neck

- no fevers, balance issues, nausea/vomiting, no infections
- not migraines according to two Dr's, most like mixed headache of occipital neuralgia/tension/sinus related
- is this a vicious cycle?

All the pain is usually between a 2-5 with 2/3 being the dull aches and 4/5 the shooting/squeeze pain

Meloxicam/Cyclobenzaprine seemed to be most effective along with daily use of tylonel
Massaging/heat help too quite a bit and exercising

I had a very stressful winter and spring which may have set me on a path like this - I also work at a computer frequently and noted my posture isn't the best when I am relaxing (resting head on arms while laying on stomach, looking up a lot to play video games, slouching, etc) - all of which I know can put pressure on those nerves in the neck/head.

Also - weirdly enough since this began my period stopped as well. I am very irregular and was on BC for a while but it made me ill and quit last November, but my period was normal through February, but hasn't appeared since. Not sure if it's related or also just another stress factor which my period has been known to disappear because of stress/illness, so I've ignored it mainly.

I am trying not to take so much tylonel, and I've started taking vitamin B supps and magnesium citrate. Trying to get into a better sleep pattern and all that good stuff you're supposed to do. Getting a bit stir crazy though and feeling like this will never go away. Any advice or thoughts is greatly appreciated.
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