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Pain and numbness in left hand when laying down

I woke up last night with severe pain and numbness in my left hand.  I thought my hand had "fallen asleep" as I have had that happen sparatically in the past. (3 or 4 times a year).  Those times I woke up in the morning w/the tingling, numbness pain.  But this is very different in the intensity and specifically because standing up or sitting up for 10 minutes makes it go away --but as soon as I lay down - in any position, the pain and numbness return within 5 minutes.  Excrutiating pain in my left hand including a burning senstation, and burning and numbness at the top of my fingers.

When I stretch my hand out it feels very tight, and pain shoots from my fingers up to my elbow.
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You may have a compressed nerve in your neck or shoulder that becomes worse in a laying down position due to pressure from your pillows or bed that your laying on.  See a chiropractor or osteopath.
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My husband has these exact same symptoms it has been going on for months.

He has seen specialists, MRI,CT, blood work, echo all normal with no diagnoses.

How are you? Was there ever a diagnoses?

Searching for an answer.  

Thank You  

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I too suffered from (& still do) pain, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, in my arm (from my elbow down), and hand. It started last year, started happening while i was in bed, especially when i woke up first thing. At first the syptoms were mild, just pins and needles, or a numb feeling, but gradually they became very severe, the pain was excrutiating, i would often hit my hand off the wall because i thought it might make the pain go away (stupid idea). I eventually went to my doctor, who said it sounded like carpal tunnell syndrome, so he sent me for tests. I have just got them done last week and I have been told I have it in both hands so I will have to have surgery to fix it. It is worth going to your G.P about your syptoms as the sooner you do, the sooner you can be treated. Wish you the best of luck.
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ive numbnessin the left himwhile layng down andwakeup to fine my left hand is semi parallyzed, sometimesi while walking i find myleft hand is extra and heavy organ,isitif it functuningwell.
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Thanks for your feedback Quix.  I put a hand/wrist brace on; did some alternative heat and ice; took my pain meds (I have RA, but this was nothing like an RA flare) and rested for the last 24 hours in a semi upright position. The pain calmed down signficantly. (even when pain meds wore off).  From what I've managed to read on carpal tunnel, it sounds right.  I will talk to my rheumatologist about it next week.

Thanks again!!
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Could this be carpal tunnel syndrome?  Anything that causes excruciating pain that lasts needs to be evaluated.  See someone.  Good luck, Quix
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