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Please Help ! ! Motor Neuron Disease

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Uncle has been reported to have Motor Neuron Disease. His body movements have started to fade away slowly but surely. He is mostly bed ridden.

What I have got to know about this disease its takes the toll of the Muscular control and leaves the body paralysed.

Someone suggested me to go for Oil Pulling Therapy. and a medicine called "Rezola" (it sounds like that...i dont remember the exact spellings.)

On searching the internet, I came across many white papers written on the cause of the disease but none of them suggested any treatment procedure.

Could you please suggest if something can be done in the intial stages of this disease.

He is currently in India, but travelling to any place for the treatment is no problem.

Please suggest and help.

Thank you in Advance.

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Hi, please give some more details of his illness, is he presently taking any kind of medications or undergoing physical or massage therapy. You can ger some more information on this URL. http://www.medic8.com/healthguide/articles/motorneuronedis.html
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Thanks for your suggestion.

I will get the reports faxed to me by today.

Currently my Uncle is undergoing Ayurvedic Massage Therapy in Kerala, India.

I will get back to you with more precise report details.

Thanks again.
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I was Diagnosed with a motor  neuron disease in September of 2007.
There is no treatment just a continuous symptomatic control. Ritozole only extends life by only a few months and thus far, there is no cure. I cannot stress enough though, to keep a watchful eye as swallowing become difficult. If you have any more concerns,please  let me know. I do understand the heartache this illness leaves in its wake.  
My mother is recently diagnosed with MND. I have no clue what treatment I should take her for. Please help me.
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Thanks a milion for your inputs.

I would keep you updated with what medical assistance is being given to my Uncle.
He had troubles with his vocal chords initially, where he could not speak at all. It turned out that there was an ulcer behind his vocal chords and now that ulcer has subsided.

I have read that Pranayama & Yogic Breathing (http://www.healthandyoga.com/html/pran.html) helps in this situation.

In India, Yoga has been witnessed to cure many incurable ailments.
Though with Urbanization, people have overlooked its healing powers.

God Bless.
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My father is been suffering from MND for the past  2 years.

i would like to mention that there are 4 type of MND and my father has been affeted with worst of the lot ; Progressive bulbar palsy (pbp). from what you have told .. it could be the same.. do see if your uncle had difficulty in swallowing and speach in the intial stages

i would like advise you that .. please do not do any kind of massage as it will only fasten the process. My father had under gone this and i still cannot forgive myself for allowing that. I am from kerala and i had taken him to best ayurvedic doctors there. You can do NASYAM or Dhara and also take ayuvedic medicines as all these would increase his resistancy.. BUT DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF MASSAGE. Rilotzole is an expermental drug which causes different side effects from patient to patient.

YES, its painfull to watch the person whome u love... you adore... die in front of you day by day. But yes... i have become stronger day by day... and yes i hope you all have the strength and courage to see through it. never lose hope.. people... never lose hope ... as each day is a new day for him and you.
( i know of person who has been diagonised with MND for the last 10 years)

please feel free to contact me in case you have anything to discuss in this regard.
HI, My mother is recently diagnosed with the same disease. Please suggest where i should take her for treatment. I have no clue what to do please help.
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My sister has been diagnosed with motor neuron disease and it is bublar palasey. Her sppech has effected and she is having difficulty swallowing. we have taken her to china where they treat cure this disease with acupuncture and chines medicines. if u like to take ur love ones to china i can help to make arrangement and assist any body how to approach a dr and how to get to the right place.  My sisters have a little improvement her speech is better and her breathing is normal now. she still have difficulty inn swallowing its only month and half treatment
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My uncle is suffering from MND from last 2 years and a few months and he have problem with his hands and to perform daily routine activities . he is taking medicine from last 9 months named "Rilottore." Please reply about the treatment or therapy about all this...
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My uncle is suffering from the same problem and its deteriorating day by day,

Can someone suggest a good medical centre where I can take him for treatment?

Its urgent.. Please reply

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Dear Alberta,

My father is facing similar problem, I will be very thankful if can you send me more detail about the treatment and how is your sister now. I am planning for China treatment if it really help.

My email id is ***@****.
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My father in law has been diagnosed with MND with onset of Balbar palsy. Now he is almost bedridden within a short span of 8 months after detection. his speech is lost completely and limb movement are restricted to minimum now. He has too much difficulty swallowing and thus his body is becoming weaker day by day in absence of proper nutrition. Pls suggest any concrete course of treatment which can yield some visible results. Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments have not been fruitful till now.
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kindly check if you can give him virgin coconut oil. visit
maxcareindia.in  for vco

check this link
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My name is manavalan .My mom  diagnosed with MND . with out any one support .she is mostly in bed. we will do Ayurvedi trement in dhanvathiri but there is no  improvement.  my relative are say take her to CMC (vellor) or ramaya hospital (bangalore) is it possible to get any help there?

i cant able to see my mom day by day .. is it possible please share your exp in my mail id ***@****,

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Dear Vichu,
My sister has been diagnosed with MND. The doctors have given Rizulone tablets. Please let me know if I should contact with an Ayurvedic doctor.
Thanks a lot,
A. Ansari
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Dear Alberta,
My sister is diagnosed with MND. We are willing to do anything for her treatment. We want to come to China for treatment. Please give the required information.
Thanks in advance,
A. Ansari, India
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is anybody get positive results from any treatment??? and what about chinese treatment. im also mnd patient.from india........
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Hi friends
My uncle have been suffering from MND for last one year and his health is getting verse  day by day.

Could you suggest any treatment/message/yoga to cure him out of this disease.

It would be a great help!!
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Hi friends
My uncle have been suffering from MND for last one year and his health is getting verse  day by day.

Could you suggest any treatment/message/yoga to cure him out of this disease.

It would be a great help!!
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does anyone here got any remedies with the MND recently? please help
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