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Pounding pain on right vein near the temple - pain in jaw - pain in right ear

I have had a terrible ear ache with my right ear for a month or two. I wen't to the doctors, but everything was normal. A few weeks later i started getting a serious pain in my jaw on the right side. When I talk or open my mouth it cracks and makes a stretching noise in my ear. Now I am getting a horrible pain on the right side of my head that is a pounding/thumping pain that is constant. It feels as if my vein isn't letting the blood flow through that specific area and it is trying to force the blood through. It is a bad pain. I take pain medicine for it ( tylenol, advil, aleve, ibu profen ) Could this be something serious ?
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Yes, this may be temporal arteritis, an inflammation of the arteries.
This is considered an emergency, because it may cause sudden blindness.
You can do a google search for this, that will show symptoms and treatment.
Please call your doctor with your new symptoms, and say that a retired nurse thought it sounded like temporal arteritis -- I bet he'll see you right away.

Wishing you the best,

p.s. If you bookmark this page, you can find it later to let us know how you're doing.
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Some people have mentioned it might be from stress. I was recently at my sisters house for about a week and I was sleeping on her couch and also didn't eat very well. I just found out my mother has MS, alot of arguing has been happening with a few of my close friends. Could these symptoms ( mainly the headache ) be cause by stress ?
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Stress can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system.
But you still need to call your doctor.

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thank you
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this is not arthritis this is tmj.... look it up.. you have all the symptoms... see a dentist..
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Donna, Temporal Arteritis is not arthritis.
Arteritis is inflammation of the arteries.
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I get migraines everyday,on the right side of the temple!!
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and Iam at my wits end the doctors..they dont help, just take my money and give me topamax,imitex stat dose (injection)and clonapin...and then i live in agony everyday and lately all ive been thinking is how nice it would feel to take a razor blade a slice that f-ing vein open..SOUNDS LIKE IM CRAZY I know ,but they hurt so bad!!!
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I have very horrible pain near my temples when i stand up to walk i feel critical pain in my temples when i start to walk or stand up, after that my bones are very weak and hardly can walk or move or do anything, It feels as if something is growing or something I have no idea i cant chew cuz my teeth feel very weak so i just have to suck on it...
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