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Slurring of words and stumbling

My mother is 60 years of age is starting to slur and mumble her words - this has become more noticeable of recent.  She has also stumbled on occasion for no apparent reason.  The two issues seem to be more pronounced when she is under stress.  In addition she is has experienced sore and achy hands which she attributes to arthritis.  I have suggested she see a doctor about this but she is not concerned and says she feels fine.  I am very worried - her mother was diagnosed with demensia/alzheimers last year.
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Hi. I'm sorry about your mom and grandmother. I imagine hearing about your grandmother and having to see her like that is really stressful and stress sure is harmful. My friend had so much stress she started slurring her words and her eyes looked a little funny and she had had a mild stroke. Another friend had to call her husband and ask him to please take her to the doctor cause she knew something was wrong. Maybe your mom says she is fine for your benefit or maybe she thinks she can handle it but I've come to believe that stress is the basis for a multitude of serious illnesses. And I put a stressor on top of all my stuff by fearing if I appeared or said I were ill, somebody would "put me away". But a doctor's visit could sure put all the anxieties of both of you to rest I hope. I say I hope because of knowing not all doctors are "good" doctors. Maybe you could sit down with her and communicate your feelings of worry for her and asking if she'll see her dr. to calm your fears. Maybe check the symptoms of a stroke or slurring words etc. But I hope you don't panic. Breathe and stay focussed. Panic is just more stress for U. God bless.
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Hi, Thank you for your question. Stammering of voice is fairly common with adults after any stressful incident and could be associated with Alzheimer’s syndrome. In general, the outlook is very good with about 80 percent, as it will be resolving completely. However, the prognosis depends upon many different factors. The best thing to do would be to see your Doctor first and request that you need to be referred to a speech and language therapist. Hope this helps.

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