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Sudden severe headaches, numbness & tingling and memory loss

I went from 7 months without any headaches when last month, I was consumed by this headache that came out of nowhere - utter pain and different from my usual one.  Left me bed ridden for 10 days and it just disappeared.  It wasnt a migraine because I was fine with the lights.  It was just agonising pain.  Like how it came on suddenly - it dissappeared like that too.

After this headache - I noticed that my memory is really bad.  I would forget what I did last night or a couple hours prior.  At to the point where I started to place my phones or wallet in places like the fridge.  Also my speech is failing, I can't pronounce normal words at times

then on Monday 27th Aug it came back on suddenly but this time round, I had tingling and numbness on my face especially around the jawline  Weird feeling of helpnessness/sensation just washing over.  I dont know how to describe it but just weird strange feeling.  My throat felt weird especially on the left hand side.

One of the gp I saw think its nothing to worry about but at the end of the day its not him thats experiencing this.  Im only 22 years old female.
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Get checked for autoimmune issues, like Hashimotos..which attacks the thyroid and can attack the brain..
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I'm a 22 year old female. The same thing is happening to me. I forgot my name and my sons name. I keep repeating things 'cause I forgot I just said it. Outside of my vision is swimming. Extreme different  feelingheadache on left side which is occaasionally moving to ear and neck as welll. tongue and mouth keeps going numb. Extreme sudden emotion waves.
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I'm 28 years old and female, I started to feel really sick and it was a constant feeling. It’s been 11 months now, and my symptoms have only worsened I went from having a constant headache, into slurred speech, crying spells, numbness of hands and feet and face, memory loss I would forget things after I was just told something. Hours would pass by and I had no clue. I can hardly read, or write or even try to explain things or what I’m feeling its like I forgot to speak? Its this odd feeling in get in my mind, and I get scared and just start to cry. I went to my GP and she only laughed at me and didn’t really take me serious. I was sent to a neurologist, where he just sent me to the hospital for an EEG, MRI, CT-scan. Everything came back clear and I’m still having my episodes every day off and on, I’m unaccountable and unable to trust myself one moment I’m just ok and then the next I cant see or talk or walk, it’s scary to know the doctors don’t know how to treat me. reading what you wrote Lizz only sounded asif I had writen it myself. I'm going through the same things are you are, hang in there and be STRONG! We will get some answers soon i pray! Sherese
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Its possible you have several things going on. Does seem neurological to a great degree. I have no answers for you but I would definitely get an opinion from a chiropractor since you've already been to a neurologist and a doctor and had the CT and MRI - it couldn't hurt to see what he/she would say. I would try more than one just to get more than one opinion. Hope you find some answers!
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I had a CT scan in 2005 and it was alright then I had a MRI done in Jan last year and it came out fine.  Yesterday and today I noticed that im losing bladder control and my lower left side kept spasm with with pain.  

My neurologist told me that if the pain starts then get myself to a doc asap but the doc I went to wasnt even taking me seriously - kept laughing throughout the whole consultation.
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I would suggest you see a neurologist. Anyone who is having such severe headaches and slurring speech would probably get an MRI of the brain.

As for the numbness, tingling around the face .. although it could be neurological, sometimes it can come from anxiety... especilly feelings of helplessness...i am certainly not dismissing these symptoms... they can be frightening... that is why you should see a neuro...

God bless,
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