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Why is my entire body Tingling/Cramping/Spasming/Twitching

So, the story goes like this:

Around January of 2018 I started feeling tingling and pain down my left arm and when I went to a Doctor they diagnosed me with the flu.  I didnt have fever, headaches, or any other symptoms.  But since that flu diagnoses I have had many weird symptoms that i just cant explain.

1. Muscles spasms all over my body
2. Twitching everywhere, sometimes fingers, sometimes biceps, triceps, other muscles i never even knew i had
3. bodywide tingling
4. almost cramping like feeling, sometimes in my legs, arms, shoulders like ive been in the gym but i havent been

Yesterday night I woke up in the middle of the night with my entire body tingling from head to toe, both sides, like literally my entire body.  Got up, walked it off, went back to bed and today I woke up like new.  I was walking and small tiny cramp in my calves, went away after 5 seconds, then felt like my ankle was about to get cramped, then went away.  I feel absolutely no weakness, no shortness of breath, not hot not cold, I feel great other than those symptoms.,  I looked up anything from BFS, Fibromalygia, MS, but I cant find anyone describing these exact symptoms.

Has anyone encountered anyone with these symptoms>
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Ask your physician to let you try Baclofen. It is an antispasmodic (muscle relaxer). It has worked WONDERS for me! I had been getting epidural injections for back pain every 3 months. I am no longer needing them!
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Did you get an answer yet?
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I did not. It seems like it goes away for a few days, then comes back for a couple days, then goes away again, then change sides, then changes places.  But no definitive answer
That sounds like what I'm dealing with right now.  I am currently seeing a neurologist and doing some testing.  I'll let you know if I get any answers since it might help you too.  
That would be so great. Please let me know what you find out. Thank you.
I have the same symptoms- bladder issue that’s seemed to morph into these strange  moving neuropathic  sensations … feeling of week legs in the pit of my knees…. Light Cramping and tired legs - and I had a brining sensation in both calves … the whole calve

Stretches down through calves … lots of joints cracking and popping and wide spread faccs with lots in my legs

Hand cramping - feels like arthritis but neuro says no and says I likely have a little Fibromyalgia  without doing any physical testing

Lastly my father died of ALS  2 years again so all this is really scaring me

Head mri negative
Emg good but you one spot with some nerve degen in Tricept

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Similar problems but a lot stronger cramps. The cause was loss of electrolytes in my system. Your 5 second ones tell me it’s the beginning so better if you get some rehydration salts (or Gatorade/Powerade) in your system as well as some magnesium supplements.
We usually lose electrolytes through sweating too much. In other cases I’ve read it can also happen when we drink too much water. Try these first and see how you go.
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Hi there, i don't know how anybody could really connect what you're saying started as isolated tingling and pain in just your left arm and was diagnosed as an un-symptomatic flu in Jan last year to what you've described experiencing now.

Sometimes we inadvertently connect similar types of symptoms together trying to make sense of it so keep in mind that what happened 18 months ago may not be connected at all and or have the same causation as what has been going on with you more recently....

btw i am the community leader of the MS community and because you mention MS in your post i thought i should let you know that the type of symptom pattern you are describing eg all over, body wide, could walk off, entire body tingling from head to toe, down both sides, lasting only a few seconds etc is not consistent or suggestive of a neurological condition like MS.

I would suggest you talk to your family Dr and get some basic blood work done because it's very possible what your dealing with is something very common eg diet related ie vitamin deficientcy, low grade infection, anxiety stress, poor sleep quality, sleep deprivation, medication side effect, hormonal changes, hypoglycemia etc etc etc  

Hope that helps......JJ
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By the way. I am almost 40.
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