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Wrist pain and tingling

For the past year or so I have experienced an increase in tingling in my hands.  Most recently I now also have a popping or exploding sensation in my wrists  (hard to explain) that is very painful.  When it happens it is like an electric shock that goes up my arm.  Could this be carpel tunnel or something more severe?  I do have a nerve conduction test scheduled in the near future.
My medical history is as follows:
Stroke in 06'
PFO corrected with cardio seal in 06'
Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease 08'
Hashimotos 09

I am a 36 year old female.
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Thank you very much for your responses.  I definately had carpal tunnel at the top of my list!  Could carpal tunnel cause alot of joint pain in all of my fingers too?  I was in immense pain last night.  This morning I woke up with tingling in my right hand...which was also painful.
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Your symptoms suggest of a Carpal tunnel syndrome . The median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel, a canal in the wrist that is surrounded by bone on three sides, and a transverse carpal ligament on the fourth. Nine tendons—the flexor tendons of the hand—pass through this canal. The median nerve can be compressed by a decrease in the size of the canal, an increase in the size of the contents (such as the swelling of lubrication tissue around the flexor tendons), or both. Simply bending the wrist at 90 degrees will decrease the size of the canal. This causes pain and numbness . Please wait for the nerve conduction test and consult a neurologist as well as orthopaedist . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
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it sounds like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to me. Do the pops feel like someone pulled and let go of a guitar string? not sure if that makes sense but I get that sensation. Also, if you tap on the inside of your srist, almost the heel of your hand (by the palm) and pain shoots into your middle finger & first finger & thumb, there is a good chance that it's CTS. that is a test they do for CTS.  
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