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i just had an MRI done on my neck...

AT c3-4, there is a mild disc osteophyte complex leaading to mild central canal stenosis and mild left neural formen narowing..
At C4-5 ther is a moderate disc osteophyte complex leading ot moderate to severe central canal stenosis, severe left neuratl foramen narrowing.
At C5, C6.. there is a severee disc osteophyte complex leasing to severe central canal stenosis and severe left neural foramen narrowing with moderate right neural foramen narrowing.
At C6-C7.. there is a moderate disc osteophyte complex leasing to moderate central canal stenosis and moderate bilateral neural foramen narrowinng?
could anyone tell me about this? i do know it means that it's narrowing, but there's so many things i dont understand? if someone could tell me please i'd appreciate it
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Gosh, I hate these reports when a doctor doesn't explain them right away.  Wish they could write them in plain English, right? I'll tell you what I know.  Osteophyte is a big word for bone spur or more basically, a bony lump. They often grow next to joints that have osteoarthritis.  They can cause a joint to become stiff and painful or they may actually not have any symptoms.  Are you having pain and stiffness? You are more likely to have pain if they rub against another bone or spur or if they restrict movement or if they are close to nerves and impact them.  If you have osteoarthritis, these develop more readily.  Have you been diagnosed with that?  

Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal cord.  This also can cause pain and is associated with arthritis.  https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/guide/spinal-stenosis#1

I mostly see the word mild and moderate with one area of severe.  Medication might help and stretching and exercises for the area.  I would consult a physical therapist if you are in pain too.  You can apply hot and cold packs and good posture can help.

What prompted the MRI if I may ask?
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