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pain in left arm and left leg

I have had a pain in my arm and lefnt leg for the last fours years.  I have been check for ms and everything came back ok but and they said my b 12 was low but i am 29 and they say for my are their is nothing wrong

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I am having pain in my left arm, left side of leg/hip area which is now eminating down to my left knee. I've had a few muscle spasms in my toes recently (getting into or out of the car as late) and its difficult to sleep at night. I have taken Advil or ibeprophen to try and ease the discomfort but now it seems to be getting worse. I am nearly 55, am a daily smoker and have recently and in the past had several EKGs, chest xrays and nothing has come back abnormal.  I went to Immediate care facilities for minor chest pain, and was taken by ambulance to the ER.  An array of tests all showed nothing - blood normal, EKGs normal but my blood pressure was elevated (probably due to the pain I was feeling at the time). I do not have high blood pressure.  A recent colonoscopy revealed nothing. So from a perfectly healthy 55 yr old woman, what could be wrong? Last year end, I lost weight like 20 lbs or so (my clothes were not fitting). I see my stomach is coming back, and I have the bloated feeling again... any ideas.  Health insurance is expensive (we do pay but with not so good coverage for diagnostics) as are the trips to the ER so I'm very skeptical about going to any local doctors at this point. I'm now $3,000 in debt and no closer to knowing what is wrong and why the pain. Any advice or help you can offer would be much appreciated.
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Hello dear,
You should aim at increasing your vitamin B12 levels.
Most doctors are generally unaware that oral vitamin B12 therapy is effective, the traditional treatment for B12 deficiency has been intramuscular injections. Oral vitamin B12 is effective in B12 deficiency states. Intramuscular injections, although safe and inexpensive, have several drawbacks.

administration           Initial dose                   Maintainence dose

In Oral administration   initial dose consists of   1000-2000 mcg per day  for 1-2 weeks and 1000mcg perday for life .
This is found efficacious in treating B12 deficiencies.You should consult your neurophysician regarding this option and start your treatment as soon as possible.
Refer http://www.aafp.org/afp/20030301/979.html
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