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possible brain tumor?

I'm a 23 yr old athletic woman. Over the past several months I've noticed some strange changes. #1 my handwriting has changed a bit from messy and short to like narrow and tall and loopy (completely different but it's not like that all the time)
#3 slight cognitive changes like I will say something and I will have all of the right words but I will not say them in the right order...I know that I'm doing it but it takes several times for me to say them in the right order...it doesn't happen all the time but it's happening more often
#4 I've had these weird vision changes or jumps...I'm not even sure how to explain it, hmm ok imagine jumping up and down and landing very hard, the way your vision kinda jumps/shakes? it's sorta like that only I'm not jumping around or anything. Plus I think my vision has gotten a bit worse.. I have glasses and never used to wear them well I started wearing them but then I'd get real bad headaches so I stopped wearing them again...and my eyes were doing good for several weeks but now they're worse again...

Um. More background about me... I'm obese but extremely active. I do martial arts 4 days a week and do a 9 mile bike ride 4 days a week. I was diagonosed with PCOS but now my cycle is normal so I don't know if it could be something else? my hemogoblin is a bit low and I have the sickle cell trait. My mom has MS and RP and HBP, my dad had colon cancer, HBP,diabetes, cardiomyopathy, possible seizures/ TIA's and he's had a major stroke and a possible heart attack (the hospital he's in keeps telling us different things)

From what I've said is there a strong possiblity that it could be a brain tumor? I don't have health insurance and I can't really afford to go to the doctor because I already have a 1,000$ bill for broken fingers but if there really is cause for concern then I will figure out something and go.

Thank you for your time
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You certainly have a significant family history. But your symptoms do not reflect many f those.

The vision problem is the one symptom I would like you take seriously. And the second one is the word jumbling. These two symptoms do suggest that specific brain areas are being compromised. This can be due to a tumor. I am not in a position to tell with certainty you if this is a tumor. I would like you to get a Neurologist's opinion soon.

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