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R/O Thorasic Outlet

Left shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain with worsing hand tremor and weakness. Nerve conduction test negative for carpal tunnel, MRI of shoulder negative for rotator cuff injury-minimal bursitis, MRH of C-spine - mild bulging of 5,6,&7, MRI of brachial plexis - normal. PT helped with muscle spasims in back of shoulder and neck. Numbness, shooting  pain and ache - varies in fingers from pinky to thumb. All symptoms better during day, worsen in bed. When hyperextending my shoulders back all pain and most numbness goes away. Currently on naproxsin 500 bid and flexoril 10 mg at bedtime. Have seen 2 neurologists, 3 orthopedics - all with differnent treatment plans and no real relief. I am loosing strength in hand. I can move arm as though reaching in my back pocket without pain as well as move bent arm up and away from my body without typically rotator cuff pain. Please help!
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There are braces known as "posture braces" that will help you maintain the position that seems to relieve your pain.  They can be found and purchased on-line. They come in a variety of styles and colors.
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I have tried posture brace since February, as well as continuing with thorasic outlet excercises, naproxsin and flexoril. Still have pain in hand, wrist, elbow(outside/bottom of joint), shoulder and neck pain. Pain started in hand more than two years ago. I am seeing another neurologist next week. Ice and knocking myself out so I can sleep seems to be the only thing that gets me through the night. See my first posting for MRI/Xray results to date. Other new info - right hand is now perspiring and had red rash - immunologist described as contact or allergic dermatitis. My vitamin D level is low x3 blood test and even after course of prescription level vitamin D supplements. I also have a borderline high TSH level (4.8, repeated 2.90), with T4, free T4 and T3 wnl.

Can you recommend other options MD's should be checking for, i.e. impingment syndrome. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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