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Thigh Strain HELP PLEASE!

I play soccer and was invited for several tryouts semi pro leagues, and then a guy broke my foot. After 6 months out with the broke foot, I came back and started training again. During a normal training routine I felt a POP in my thigh (right quad).

I was able to walk off the field, and had no swelling or bruising. However it hurt to bend or raise my leg. After two months I was able to run normally and even sprint and kick the ball. I first started doing elliptical machine and lite jogging and then did a small scrimmage, nothing extreme. During one training I played center mid, but I didn't sprint or play defense, because I was wanting to just take it easy.

I lifted my leg (backwards as to kick the ball) and it popped again!!! Now it is hurt again!

Do I just sit out for 2-3 months? There is no bruising, and I can walk and run, but I can't lift or bend the leg up or back to the normal extreme. When do I start doing strength training?

Needless to say this has hurt me greatly...any help would be great.
- I am doing a high protein diet, with shakes
- Leg wrap most of the day
- Heat therapy for 25 minutes at a time for about 1-2 hours dally
- Messaging it
- Potassium pills
- Rest:)
- Ointment for strains

please I need to fix this...

Best regards,
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Unfortunately, it sounds like you have retorn your quadriceps muscle.  Muscle tears heal with fibrous scar tissue which is not as elastic as true muscle tissue, and therefore is more subject to retear when subjected to stretch such as a miskick.
For these injuries, a formal physical therapy program which includes stretching, strengthening, modalities, and progression to sports specific functional training, can hasten return to activity, and decrease the chance of reinjury.
Recent work has indicated that injections with platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be very helpful in as part of an overall program for soft tissue healing.  PRP is obtained by drawing a small amount of the patients blood, centrifuging it a high speed for up to 15 minutes and harvesting a smaller highly concentrated sample of platelets.  The platelets are reinjected into the patients injured area.  The PRP serves as a soft tissue scaffold for soft tissue healing.  In addition, the PRP delivers concentrated growth factors that can stimulate soft tissue healing.
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the same thing hapend to me i was in football practice nd i felt pain on my thigh i though it would go away but a few hours later it started to hurt even more then the next day i culdnt even lift up my knees without them hurting

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