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Prolapse stoma after a colostomy

My surgery was 11-18-16 and I prolapse after 4 weeks . I am now prolapse 24-7 anywhere from 4 to 7 inches !
I must stay laying flat on my back to keep it inside me .
My question is does anyone else suffers from this and if so have you found any answers ?
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I regret that I am only now responding and perhaps you have already found the solution to your problem. I had bags for three and a half years  and the original stoma became progressively  herniated and prolapsed, like you I had a very large amount of bowel in the bag  and the bag could only be attached by  being  prostrate. My interim solution was to wear an "elasticized back support" belt, perhaps three inches wide . I wore this if leaving home.  Eventually I had just so much bowel outside the stoma and I had the original stoma closed off and an Ilestomy stoma and bag substituted.
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