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colonoscopy issues

I went in to have a double colonoscopy and endoscopy last week.  It was suggested by my friend who is a doctor to determine the cause of low ferritin levels.  He asked to do the procedure himself.  He later asked if I was comfortable having him do it.  At the time I thought he would be my best advocate so I agreed to it.  My family and other friends thought I was crazy to have a friend perform this intimate procedure.  But he had thrown out the possibility of colon cancer so I was scared and wanted it done asap.  

I was a little nervous and mentioned to him on several occasions that I was most fearful of having the scope down my throat.  He promised that I would be completely out.  The nurse admitted me, and took basic vitals.  She asked my weight but did not weigh me.  I guessed around 110.  I'm short, only 5'1.  She explained that Id have a throat spray.  I asked why I would need it as Id be "out".  I don't recall her response.  At the 11th hour my doc called me to ask if a med student could observe.  I didn't have more then a few minute til the procedure and I was nervous but I consented.    As I walked past my friend the doctor in the hall, I gave him a huge and said again that I was a bit nervous.  He said he understood and not to worry.  In the Scoping room I jokingly told both men that they had to take me to dinner after.  

I was resting on my left side when the initial med was administered.  The my doctor told the nurse to give me half of the recommended sedation.  He said "she is my friend, if I feel she needs more we will give her more".  The lights were dimmed slightly.  

Next thing I remember,  horrible pain, clinching my fists,  moaning.  I was still on my side and heard them talking about the fact that they already could see the shadow of my spleen.  I only recall bit and pieces of discomfort after that.  

The bed was then spun around for the upper.  They sprayed the back of my throat and placed a plastic object in my mouth.  My friend joked that he promised he wasn't using same scope used for my bottom.  It slid down my throat.  they told me to breathe through my nose.  I tried but continued through my mouth.  I gaged,  felt every few inches as the scope progressed, gaged more.  A biopsy was taken then it was over.  I was in the recovery room and ready to leave in minutes.  My doctor came in and apologized  for the pain I had.  He told me that I was screaming and grabbed his arm to pull the scope out during the colon exam.  He also told me that they repositioned me several times and that they were not able to complete the exam.  But that what he saw was good and clear.  I went to the hospital later for a barium enema.  The radiologist later told my doctor that I had the most tortuos colon he had ever seen.  

Unfortunately, since the procedure I have not been able to sleep and continue to revisit the events.  I have wondered if the nurse should have weighed me.  If my friend ended up seeing a lot more then just my butt during all of the repositioning and why he opted to give me less drugs.  I didn't want to make him feel bad so I held back my questions.  You see, I felt he was doing me a great favor.  

The next day we talked about it some more.  He told me that he would never perform the colonoscopy on his wife...my best friend, because she is so small and that she would need a pediatric scope.  He said I would too if I ever had it done again, but suggested that I only get virtual exams in the future.  His wife and I are the same size.  Both very small women.  He also told me that What happens to me is very rare.  No one wakes up and he is unable to complete only 5% of the time.

He then shared that I was talking during the procedure.  This freaked me out.  I was talking about the activities our families were planning together that week.  I did not know that I would be able to communicate.  

I seem to have a lot of anxiety over all of this.  We are very good friends and he has seen me in bikini many times.  But I am concerned suddenly about modesty and not knowing what occurred.  Why he would have me awake during the upper when I was so afraid of it.

I finally told him yesterday that I was having issues.  I've been on edge, shaky and unable to sleep.  He said that he had asked me if I wanted more drugs before the upper but suggested that I not so I could get on with my day.  I dont remember this question.  I told him that I'm feeling crazy because I'm usually such a trooper about pain.  3 kids born naturally.  And I have had much more embarrassing exams and surgeries.  He thinks I am experiencing PTSD  from the upper.  But I am also overwhelmed with the fact that I was under an amnesia drug and was probably expose much more then I would have ever been comfortable with.  

Can anyone tell me how the patient is repositioned during these procedures?  in the supine position are your legs spread and or lifted?  Is there a way for me to ask the assisting nurse these questions without it being documented for my friend to see?
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You are making much over a molehill.  Doctors and nurses do not have time to get their jollies during procedures.  I've had a colonoscopy.  I warned my endoscopist it would be the hardest one he'd do all day, and suggested he have the pediatric scope.  He failed to do so and was unable to complete my exam also.  It is unusual.  I have a tortuous colon also.  The repositioning they do is just to get the scope in.  During the lower exam, they may turn you onto your back to put pressure on your abdomen to help the scope go through.  Then they have to reposition you to do the upper procedure.  This is very routine and nothing to obsess about.   Just get the barium enema and be done with it so you will know exactly what you're dealing with.  This will not be done by the same kind of doctor.  It's done by radiologists.  

Doctors see bodies all day.  Most of them are decent people who work very hard.  The fact that the doctor had other people with him ensures nothing bad happened to you.  If he wanted to do something, he would not have had witnesses.  
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I am fully aware of this fact that I am making much-to-do of nothing.  I think this is probably my fears and concerns associated with my undiagnosed issues coupled with my regret of having a close friend treat me.  I thought that I could handle things that I obviously cannot.
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I don't think you're making a mountain out of a molehill at all !  In retrospect, it was probably not a good idea to have a friend do the procedure if you are modest, because your "stuff" is usually exposed at some point.  Also, the sedative they give you (Versed) causes amnesia and lowers inhibihitions (while also relaxing you, or so they say!), and you may have been babbling the whole time (when not screaming).  I'm sure your friend was/is very professional about it all.
Bottom line that you learned (and I did also when I had a colonoscopy), is that for some of us, it can indeed be a painful and traumatic experience.  I was so  upset and obsessed over my horrible experience that I had to seek counseling...and I will NEVER allow anyone to give me the drug Versed again (many websites and patient stories about people like you &me).  The medical community tries to shut us up, but let me assure you, your story is more common than they want us to believe. I am so sorry for your experience !
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