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pancreatic mass

hello, i urgently need help . My mother aged 63 years had her yearly CT Scan which has showed pancreatic mass ( cystic lesion) of 8 cms * 7 cms . She has no problems neither are any symptoms of cancer . The doctors advised her to undergo PTI & CA 19.9 blood test , PTI was normal but CA 19.9 showed level of 48.8 u/ml. HB test was normal
Now the doctor want her to undergo EUS (FNAC) , but we are very scared as its very risky . She is not ready for any treatment.
PLZ suggest whether it can be cancer or not.
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I hope as of this writing your Aunt has found some answers for her concerning pancreatic issues.  We wanted to welcome you to the new Pancreatic Cancer community and hope you can stop back to post an update so others can gain support who may have similar concerns.

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What to do and where to go with 1.5 cm leasion on head of pancreas ?Right now  i have to wait to see GI  first time  for 4 months, since I have  Medi-Cal insurance (.
Is any one want look at it in research purpose?  

I went to pancreas cancer simposium in San Francisco, it is was just handfull number of survavors ( .
I'm extremely worried because of my symptoms and looking for an answer on the web doesn't help at all. I now start thinking I may have pancreatic cancer.

Here is the list of my symptoms:
_floatind stool
- Abdominal pain:
- Back pain
- Loss of appetite
- Gastric reflux
- Nausea

Thank you
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8 cm is fairly large. Noninvasive MRI/MRCP abdomen can help to further characterize if it is something benign (e.g., serous cystadenoma) or malignant (e.g., mucinous cystadenoma). If indeterminate/suspicious, then you can proceed to invasive endoscopic ultrasound with biopsy. A GI doctor can help with workup and management.
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