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My son (14) masturbates while look at his back in the mirror.

some info first. My son had a typical behavior till 2-3 years ago. Then he stopped going to basketball training, stopped seeing friends and started to close to himself. He has hypothyroid problem so he takes T4. As far as his behavioral image is concerned, he rarely talks about girls or looks at girls (although maybe 14 is a good age to start doing so). Moreover he never exhibited  any of the classic gay symptoms (basically he never showed anything that would make us believe he is trying to be the opposite sex).
Lately for some months now we notice he spends too much time in the bathroom. Not knowing what is happening in there, we put a hidden cam, and to my surprise this is what we found :
He masturbates while looking back at the in-wall flush's cover which acts like a (somewhat distorted) mirror.

So we concluded he is looking at a somewhat distorted image of his back. His face does not seem like he is enjoying it, he seems like he is doing it out of "duty" or anything.

As a history record, my wife's brother, without being at all gay, he never showed any interest in women, so he is still single.

I am deeply concerned about my son.

What is this? Does it have a name? Will my son be normal, eventually? And if not what can I do? Hormone therapy of some kind?

I have never dared to talk to him as he will get angry and maybe violent.
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Take him to a therapist
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hello, on what grounds?
If your email concerned then they can help him and you.
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I'm personally thinking it is not a good idea to install cameras in a bathroom.  Anyone else uses that bathroom?  Like one of your son's friends?  That would be nuts to record anything like that.  And boys of 15 masturbate.  I wouldn't read too much into this.  I'd give your son some privacy.  
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Cameras are now defunct. All cool my bros.
Good.  :>)  There are child protective classes you can take a huge no no is cameras in any bathroom.
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1. Why did you put a camera in the bathroom

2.I get your concern, but hormone therapy is a definite NO. That's going waaaay overboard.

3.It's a teenager, they're gonna do those types of things, leave him alone. However it does seem he is doing it a bit too much as he is skipping basketball and friends
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