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Curiosity is killing me

Hiya I have lately been developing weird symptoms. They have been there since more than an year but now its just growing!
Heart Beat Sensations in my Stomach/Ears/hands when I try to relax
Crampy Muscles and Strains
Weak Muscles + Weak Ankles
Tingling and Numbness
Pollen and Milk allergy
Sore and Dry throats
Back and Hip Pain
Sore chest in the morning
Loads of stress
I got rid of Osgoods schlatters just 2months ago "It lasted for 1month". It was followed by growing pains in my thighd ehich lasted for 2 weeks i guess.
I also used to have night sweats, havent had them lately
I am also very sensitive to light and cold. Usually Cold makes my hair stand up!
Sometimes I sleep so long and Sometimes  I just cant sleep.
I keep getting pop sounds in my body. Also do have some gastric problems inherited. "weakness again"
One thing also shows that it maybe my anxiety level, my head starts shaking at times when Im nervous. I research alot about all the small issues and try to get a solution. I start smiling all by myself when something sugests that I maybe growing. I really then feel that its my stress causing all the strains.
My father is still 2 inches taller than me.
Is it that I am growing or am I nearing some other long term despair?
I did read that these symptoms are related to cancers and parkinsonism however it is also a possibility that these are just felt by my anxiety whereas actually its just the growth which is suffering because of me taking lots of stress especially about my height. I do have proper hair on my face so it does feel like my growth is over however Im just 16 and a half years old and several uncles and other people in my family are taller than me and were usually late bloomers. Many of them do have diseass though. Is it that Im heading the same way and need to get it diagnosed? or maybe its worse or better because I have been the most sporty person among the family?
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Please consult with your primary care physician for these matters.

Best in Health,

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Hiya I did and they said I was just anxious. I had blood tests twice and they've given me Vitam D3 2000 iu tablets saying that Im low on vitamin D that does answer my bone concerns but currently I noticed that anxiety is caused by a medication I took about 1 year ago. It was for curing dandruff and hair loss stuff. I'll have to get to my GP as soon as possible now haha coz them tablets cause more than just anxiety although i had just taken them for 14 days and had stopeed eating them instead of taking all the 30. They are known as Finasterides i think. They might be triggering my growth. I will also have to contact my previous Doctor who had assigned me that medication. Trouble haha
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