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Growth Spurt?

My little guy will be 6 weeks on the 16th. The last couple of days he's been sleeping a lot more.  Instead of his "normal" eats about 3-4 oz is awake for 1-2 hours then asleep 3-4 hours. Its been eat about 1-2oz awake for about 1/2hour-1 hour, sleep 1-2 hours. So basically he's awake for maybe 4 or 5 hours out of the day. Wakes up more often to eat, but eats much less and sleeps more often, rather then is "normal" longer stretches of sleep, larger feedings, and staying awake for longer stretches.  He isn't cranky, gassy or seeming to be having any tummy issues or anything. Just wants to sleep.
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Its normal. They go thru stages. My twins do the same thing. Days when they are up along tim amd days where all.they wanna do is.eat and sleep lol
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My baby girl just finished her growth spurt (she's 5 weeks) and she was insanely crabby. She stayed up all day and would cry and cry unless she constantly ate then she would sleep for hours. I guess they go through "hibernation" Periods because that's when they're growing and they eat so much because they have to conserve calories to be able to grow
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my baby girl is sleeping alot more too. shes also 6 weeks old. she eats 4 oz stays awake for an hour and goes back to sleep for 2 hours wakes up eats, and starts it all over lol shes also sleeping from 10 to about 6 am
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my baby is doing the same exact thing. he is 6 weeks old today and sometimes 4 oz just don't do it. sometimes he drinks almost 6 oz, he is a very good sleeper. he only wakes up once in the middle of the night but the last couple days he slept from like 11 pm - 5am. and im loving it.
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