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Cat straining to pee due to crystals

I'm wondering what would be a good supplement otc that could help with her frequent urination, straining to pee, and crystals in urine. I saw cranberry supplemnts and "natural pet urine irritation" that claims to help with the symptoms. Also, vet said the cat has abnormal ph levels. She was given fluids and antibiotics at the vets and she mentioned using an otv joint medication that may help with inflammation (glucosemine) which I have not found for cats yet. I know she is in pain and she went 7 times in 5 minutes to the litter box with really no output. They also had an otc ph vitamin..and a cranberry for cats. Has anyone tried these or know of something that can help?
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I am not a vet. I just wrote an answer for you. Unfortunately it was too long and I could not go back and retrieve what I wrote. CRAP! So please be patient as I have to go and feed my clan. Before I can re write it.
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