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My period came on Dec 9 and today is Jan 27th and it is still on. Its heavier than normal also the cramps are alot worse. On Jan 8th, i went to the Emergency Room, where they did a vag ultrasound and blood work. Diagnosed me with PCOS.. Several Small cycts on ovaries. Referred me to My Primary, which i went to on the following day. Prescribed me wit Provera ( 5 Day Pill) to stop the bleeding and cramping and Birth Control Pills to see if that would disolved the cycts. NOW, 18 days later, my cycle is still on, still  heavy, still cramping.  I have called my Primary Care Doctor and she just tells me to keep taking the Birth control pills. This is not normal, I am going on almost 2 months.... I NEED RELIEF.. Please any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not too familiar with PCOS  but when I had my miscarriage in september , I was told to lay on my left side and drink a bunch of water to help the bleeding slow down. Birth control pills will help. Not overnight but when your body gets used to them it'll regulate you. Just don't miss a pill. Sorry I'm not much help.
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Also, for heaven's sake take iron through this, or you're bound to get anemia.  If your primary keeps blowing you off, there is no law against getting a second opinion.  Have you had another ultrasound after the one in the ER?
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