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How can I prevent severe pain and shock during menstruation?

I'm 34 and I usually have heavy and painful menstrual cycles. It's been like this for almost a decade and Advil usually helps lessen the pain. My last two cycles were different though and I'm afraid it might be something serious because I never went through this much pain before. I was extremely nauseous and threw up. My vision would go black and white. I got dizzy and would have to sit on the floor. I couldn't stand up or walk. The pain was excruciating and I felt like nails were clawing inside me. I took some Advil right when I started my period but it didn't prevent all this and I took two more but still had the pain until late at night. I would shake and shudder and had hot flashes, and had cold sweat. I would shiver but I couldn't tell if I was feeling hot or cold.
I thought maybe I was going into shock from the pain, but I normally have these pains and the heavy and painful period runs in the family (my mom and aunts had this problem too) but I never go in shock or had such symptoms or even throw up or faint. It's only happened these last two cycles and it only happened on the first day.
What could be wrong? And how can I prevent it from happening again?
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That sounds really terrible.  So, have you had a pap smear?  A vaginal ultrasound or anything like that?
I've had a few ultrasounds but it didn't show anything unusual.
I've checked with doctors and the only thing they've suggested were vitamins, iron, etc... and oral contraceptives. I'm trying it but I'm not so confident that it'll be effective because my main problem is during the cycle and even painkillers don't help.
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That's really frustrating.  I would be shocked to learn you don't have an ovarian cyst.  You are confident they checked for this and you don't have one?  An increase in pain like you describe and that timing is very reminiscent of a simple OV cyst.  
It's never been mentioned. How can I tell if it's an ovarian cyst? Is it only diagnosed through ultrasounds?
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That sounds awful! I wonder if you have endometriosis. It cannot be seen on imaging. Oral contraceptives may help. Some women opt to take them continuously (months at a time) by skipping the placebo / inactive pills. It seems those that do this tend to take them for three months and then do the 7 days of placebo pills to force a bleed / period.  
How can I know if it's endometriosis? I don't have menstrual irregularities.
It can only be definitively diagnosed via exploratory surgery and biopsy of suspected endometriosis tissue. But there is no real cure for it.
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