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Is there another option other than birth control to treating PCOS?

My GYN put me on Cryselle 28 birth control because my period was over 2 months late and she said I have polycystic ovaries. I am of normal weight (5'3 and 126 lbs) but my breasts have swollen so much and are in so much pain, and I am gaining a lot of weight while maintaining a healthy diet. Do I have a choice to stop taking birth control to avoid its side effects, and do I have another option to treating PCOS and regulating my menstrual cycle other than birth control? Will stopping birth control make my PCOS more severe?
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You might not be on the right birth control, make sure it's a hormonal birth control and if it still isn't completely controlling your symptoms, talk to your doctor about switching to a different kind of hormonal birth control. Yes, if you stop your birth control, your PCOS will get more severe. The birth control is what helps stop the formation of cysts on your overies, as well as managing the weight gain from PCOS and keeping your periods regular. Birth control is VERY important if you have PCOS
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