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My boyfriend and I have been trying for months now with no luck. What are some tips that you have for TTC with PCOS? I feel like I'm a failure because all I've ever wanted is to be a mom and I cant get there. I dont have a lot of money for expensive treatments. :( I just want to be pregnant! HELP!
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Hi Babes,
The only advice i have, is to not think too much about it, you will get yourselves stressed, i know it's easier said than done, but you need to be relax when trying for a baby what ever probs you have and thinking about it, thinking you're a failure, and getting frustrated with yourselves will defenately not help towards getting pregnant. Maybe start to do yoga or something relaxing. I'm afraid this is the only advice i have. Hope it helps some what.
Good Luck And All The Very Best For Xmas And The New Year:0)
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me to honey i have pcos to and i am only 20 i found out that i had it whn i was 19 and i cried because i actually want 2 have kids so i am in the same boat and i get stress  a lil lol but i pray that everything works for the both of us sweetie

love, peace and happiness

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Are you taking anything to help with the PCOS?  I take Metformin which is supposed to help.  I have had PCOS for a very long time, But just now doing something about it and have be TTC for the last few months.  I do not ovulate so I have the help of Clomid, but that hasnt worked yet :-(

Talk to your doc, maybe you need the help of clomid to get your eggs moving.  I also suggest a sperm test for your hubby just to make sure his swimmers are good!.

Hope this helps!
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yeahh its just really hard to cope with I guess. No I'm not taking anything I havent talked to my doctor in awhile. Shes been out of town and such plus our insurance needs to be renewed soon so we are thinking about switching doctors. Its just so stressful but illl keep in mind that I need to just calm down and let it lay in gods hands!
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