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Hello,  I'm a 44 year old mother of a 2 year old toddler and currently pregnant with my second baby.  I would like to share experiences with other older moms (40+) and parents, particularly with regards to their pregnancy and childrearing journey(ies).
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Hello have posted on this forum as I am trying for baby number 2 without much success. Had ourfirst 3 years ago who was naturally conceived, tried this time again natuarlly, 3 ivf's and now still trying natuarlly with clomid every few months. Any tips you can give, i am 42 now and time is running out, my best wishes melissax
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Hey Melissa,  I responded to your next post with what we did to manage the TTC over 40 roller coaster.  I would add that we never missed a cycle and I think that helped.  We also did acupuncture for implantation which was just one or two sessions a month.  We think this may have helped.  Good luck!
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