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2 Faint test and 8 BFN!! Going Crazy here!

So I bought an array of different tests. I got an extremely faint positive yesterday, but talked myself out of believing it after I tested with a different brand this morning and got a BFN! Well like 5 hours later, I took the same brand, and a little darker line(not much) but it was a 5 min time lapse. Got excited and took 2 more(both different brands) and they were both very clear BFN! I am going insane. I am 6 days late for AF and about 17 DPO. Anyone else have this issue?? Please help me feel sane....
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Have u got photos you can upload and make public?? Can try help then :)
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Yes, I am new to this thought, how do I do it?
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When u took the test and u saw the line did u use same urine? if you didnt means it was not concentrated , when u are early u have to wait a few hours 3+ in order for it to show up Thats what I think. If it was the same urine (if u collected it) then yea something not right
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No, but I waited like 3 or so hours. I had a blood test done and it was negative :( but no sign of AF in sight. I am seriously loosing it.

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