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Ovulation test had dark lines, does this mean I should have sex that day

Hi I was wondering if anyone can shed some light I done a ov test yesterday and had two dark lines so this means I am ovulating, so me and my partner had intercourse , problem is it was the only day we couldnas he works away and was leaving that same day , what chance of me getting caught from doing it that day is there ? Or am I too early as have read all different things
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Anything is possile as it takes only one sperm to get preggo. So if you took opk and dont ovulate for another day or two hopefully all will be well as sperm can live inside us females 3-5 days. Wishing you the best and sending baby dust!
My partner got home on the Thursday morning we done another ov test and there was a faint line so Monday was a deep strong one and Thursday was faint so fingers crossed we have been caught on one of them days xx
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Depending on what sticks your using it usually predicts you'll ovulate within the 24/48 of taking the test. It can be pretty confusing but enclosed in the pack the leaflet should give more info.

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