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Feeling so sick

I am 7weeks pregnant today. For the past couple weeks I've been so sick and sooo tired(i'm 39yrs old), I have two Daughter's, I know this comes with the territory. But it is getting so bad, I don't want to get out of bed all day, I can literally sleep the whole day away. And im so nauscious, if i don't eat, if i do eat, if i drink fluids, i'm miserable. It takes all i've got just to cook a meal for everyone. AND, my hair is soooooo greasy!!!! a couple hours after i wash it looks like i haven't washed it in a month!!! And i'm really really bloated. I know, i'm whining, but all of this has made me so depressed. I'm wondering if my body is too old to be able to handle this, oh yeah, and all it takes is for someone to look at me wrong and i'm in tears. My Mom couldn't make it over for dinner Sunday, I cried like a baby.  Could anyone here please give me some tips and advice on how i could maybe counter act these symptoms a little, or just give some inspiring words. I could really use it. I feel so guilty for feeling so unhappy and miserable.  thankyou :( Suzie
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First of all...Congratz!

I had my last one at 41. It was so much harder being pregnant than with the first ones...older body...lol
Ask your pharmacist for suckers/lozenges...B natal is what they are called.
They really helped with the nausea. Stay away from ginger is what they say now...after 60 million women over the years have used it. lol
There are some pills you can take, but the consequences were more than I could handle...
Vitamin B is the key ingredient in all GOOD remedies...it gets rid of the nausea...so why put it in with stuff we don't need or that could hurt the babies?

As for the depression...cheer up! In a few months you'll see that smiling face and know it was all worth it.
It's harder being pregnant later in life I know. I kept thinking that I was going to have a heart attack or something. I was nervous and panicky all the time. Cried all the time...blah blah blah....but that isn't going to make you feel any better is it?
Just trying to let you know that we've been there, done that, and we know and sympathize what you are going through.

Big hugs!!!!

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Congrats to you!!

Much of what you describe is just those darned hormones at work.  First trimester can be so hard..mine was much like you describe as well.

I used ginger to help with the nausea.  Mine was the all day all night variety, and to be honest I couldn't deal with meat...not the sight of it, not the smell of it.  So DH took over a lot of the cooking at that time.  But ginger worked well to help control it, and also keeping something in my stomache all the time.  I know, when your that nauseas the last thing you want to do is eat something, but even constantly nibbling on crackers and such helped. I used to keep a small plate of them by my bed and had a couple before I even got out of bed in the morning.  It really helped

For the exhaustion, that's hard to do much about.  Try to take short naps frequently if you are able.  Rest and get those feet up as much as you can.  Try not to worry too much about housework, etc.  

And lastly, remember it will all pass.  For most, the second trimester is much easier..energy levels come back, nausea goes away...and you are 1/2 through that first, so not so long to go.

Hang in there, and congrats again!!
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also visit your doctor and make sure you get checked for iron and thyroid levels.  Possiblity it's just pregnancy kicking in, but definitely make sure it's nothing treatable.

Hang in there.  It will pass.
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Thankyou very much for taking the time to give your advice and kind words, it made me cry reading them...lol, i am irritating myself so bad right now.  I just have to 'try' and keep positive...its hard.  Everything is irritating the heck out of me! My Daughter's have to be colaberating on moving out..lol.  This pregancy came as quite a shock, we weren't planning. But, it happened. Yes, I am very worried about my health, if i can take it all. I'm in desperate need of the 'Happy Fairy' to come my way and sprinkle some happy dust on me. :(
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and why does my hair have to look so gross!!! i'm ready to shave it all off like we do with our dog!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!
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Hi Suzy.
You sound utterly miserable. Here is a hug  (  ).
Cry away if it helps you, I mean that. Tears are healing and you need to let it out. When you are sick, you just want your Mum, I know what that feels like too.
Practical things I am doing are sucking ice-pops. The plain orange ones. They are so nice and cold, and sweet, they freshen your mouth.  Someone else told me sorbet, but I wouldn't be a fan. Get a box of different flavour frozen lollies in the frozen dessert section of your supermarket.
I slept three hours today.That is natural, your body is trying hard to make another person!  Sleep away as much as you can.
Oh and on the cooking thing, in this house it is heat and serve all the way until I feel able. Don't be feeling bad about that. There are lovely options in Marks and spencers and Tesco or even your local butchers (freshly made shepherds pie, that type of thing, that just take half hour in the oven. Get everyone to help set the table, and try stay away from the cooking smells if you can. All the best. You have my sympathy.
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I totally understand your pain. I am hypermesis (sp?). I was so sick at one point I was in the hospital. I took B-6, Zofran and the best thing that worked for me is an all natural item. It is called Prima Bella. it is a band that you wear on your wrist and no it is not a travel (sea) band. Those didn't work at all for me!!! This is something youu have to get prescribed from your doctor. It looks like a watch with two metal plates on the bottom. You face those to the bottom of your wrist. Then you put a gel on the wrist and position the plates on top. You turn it on and you feel a small electrical wave in your hand. It tingles a little. And it sends a message to your brain to stop the nausea and vommiting. Sometimes it worked right awat. Sometimes it took 5 minutes but it never took very long.  I can't tell you enough how much this worked. This is the most amazing product. Some insurance do cover it. Mine didn't but as sick I was I paid and I would pay over and over again. That is when I finally got sleep. I got it about my 8th week. Please ask your doctor about it and let me know. Best of luck to you, I know how hard it is and you can PM me anytime.
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