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Pregnant at 42 and scared of complications

I am about 6 week give or take. This will be my 5th pregnancy. First time was an ectopic where my tube ruptured (I didn’t know I was pregnant) and I almost died (I had to have emergency surgery and the tube was removed. The second time I got pregnant naturally again (it was a surprise) and I miscarried at about 26 weeks (my water broke and my Dr misdiagnosed it and then I started bleeding really bad and fever got very high and had 3 blood transfusions and they had to take the baby and she did not survive as she was in the amniotic sac for too long with no fluid ... it was horrible and heartbreaking. My 3rd pregnancy was planned and overseen/managed by a high risk OB and I had several problems including but not limited to the following:
-Cerclage surgery (to tie my cervix as I have a tilted cervix and part of many precautions to ensure a pregnancy that wouldn’t result in loss of baby)
-Medication daily to keep me from going into pre term labor and (progesterone) injection weekly
-High Risk Dr with early appointment, early ultrasound followed by several ultrasounds due to scares of pain, little bleeding, and being high risk
- hospitalizations due to going into ore term labor a few times
-2nd surgery to remove cerclage (untie the cervix)
-Bed rest off and on but a lot of the the time to prevent going into pre teen labor
-18 hour labor that ended up turning into a c section
-no sex during pregnancy for some/a lot of the pregnancy  
-Baby boy -my son was jaundice and a spent a few days in the uv
We finally were able to go home and all was good with my son and I recovered from c section.
N X-ray came my very big surprise and this pregnancy was just as hard as the one prior with my son, and another boy was seen as the gender early on. Same meds and same scares and hospitals stays due to same issues. However I also had to have two additional surgeries for life threatening gal bladder problems and another emergency surgery appendix rupture, bed rest of course and same protocol as before
I was 32 with my delivery of 2nd son.
Then life through aloe or curve b-ball’s that I am still surprised I survived. My husband at the time left me (I was a stay at home mom so starting over and finding work wasn’t easy.
Fast forward to now... I am 42 years old I will be 43 when and if I deliver. I am dating an AMAZING man who I’ve known for 3 years and we are so happy. We thought it was would be pretty impossible to get pregnant so we didn’t protect and surprise I am pregnant and he is scared out of his mind due to my previous complications and he is older (he is 49) also I no have two herniated disks in my neck, a bone spur in my low back by my hip area that causes chronic pain daily so I take Norfolk (I also took norco while pregnant due to painful cramping constantly) and Diazepam muscle relaxer and anti anxiety. We are honestly both very very concerned of the risks this pregnancy brings but I can’t feel right about termination due to these risks...I am a mess!! So worried and stressed and haven’t seen a dr yet but I plan to go this week. I took 7 home pregnancy Tests with all very clear positives.
PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!! I don’t know what to do!!!
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First,  congratulations!

Your concerns are really a question for your doctor.  Very often,  pregnancy bumps a woman's health up,   and they feel better while they're pregnant than they normally do.  You do have a lot of various health concerns - between injuries,  anxiety medications,  and past pregnancy difficulties.   Can you set up a consult with your doctor and go over your complications?  Do you want to have another child,  complications aside?
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Thank you for taking the time (I REALLY APPRECIATE IT) to write as I feel so alone. I don’t have a dr yet as I don’t have insurance. (Another issue) but I think I can get on Medicaid or something -I think.

I do want to discuss this with a dr do for him or her to tell me if I am going to even be able to carry this baby to term.

I’ve never heard that it bumps your health up but that would be amazing!

I had thought I wanted one more baby/child but time went by and I decided I was done and was ok with that. But then ...surprise... I am pregnant (I really had thought with one ovary and one Fallopian tube and my age I couldn’t even get pregnant.... but I was really obviously very wrong.

Do you think going to an ER to make sure it’s not another ectopic and talking to the dr there would be a good idea? I just feel lost as what to do.
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This is the same person who wrote this post and wanted to apologize for the mess ups on typing it. Fatigue has me messing texts a lot.
I am REALLY reaching out to anyone that could help me with advice.... I talked to my boyfriend again last night and he still has same huge scary concerns and is so freaked out what this pregnancy is going to do to my body with all the medical problems I already have. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!
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