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What are the chances to get naturally pregnant if you are 47?

According to doctors and science. I heard the chances are low and you may only get pregnant if you will go through some  artificial treatments.

Is that true? And the chances get much lower if you have irregular periods.

I have never ever been in any birth control method in my life because first I am not married and second lets say I have never been sexually active in my life or even I had fooled around before, the reason I never feel  the need to be under a BC method because I never had sex before when I was younger until just last year.  I did it for my first time but I did not use any protection for the reason it  just stated, never was sexually active so Im not use to be on BC. The guy did not use a condom either and I did not  feel or hear that he even cummed. He aid he cummed in my back but I did nto feel any *** on my back or any warm fluid.

Anyway I was a little scared that I could had been knocked out by the guy but then I thought Im 47 my chances are lower to get naturally pregnant and my periods are irregular. I got my period 3 weeks after I had sex so of course no pregnancy at all. When I meant I have irregular periods In my case is the frecuency  as my period can come  each 2or 3 months.
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Hello unfortunately it is harder especially when you're in your late 40s.  Do you want to get pregnant?  I'm 36 and I want to be a mother but somehow I just couldn't get pregnant.  I tried IVF and I had an egg donation.  Luckily I am pregnant now.  I really feel so blessed!  
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Ability to conceive does indeed decline with age.  With no other factors alone, women as they advance in age and particularly past forty will have a decline in fertility.  https://www.acog.org/Clinical-Guidance-and-Publications/Committee-Opinions/Committee-on-Gynecologic-Practice/Female-Age-Related-Fertility-Decline.  Even when desiring pregnancy and using assisted reproductive technology or ART, the statistic for actual live births is very low.  

However, it is not a complete impossibility.  Your irregular cycle complicates matters further.  Here is some information on taking a pregnancy test https://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/pregnancy-tests#1.  You should be able to take a test for accuracy 21 days after you had intercourse.  
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Yes I had read about the low chances of getting naturally pregnant  if a woman is  above 40 is decrased. The guy in question does not want to have kids either and  he did have condoms in his room and I even brought condosm myself but  the guy did not want to use them. As many men say "it does not feel the same". I hope next time we had sex finaly he wears one.
It's important to find your voice and insist on things like this.  Best of health to you.
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