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Birth Story, Madison is here!

So as some of you mamas may know I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 34 weeks and was hospitalized until 37 weeks where I was scheduled to be induced at midnight on Aug. 6. Well, the doc comes in and puts me on Magnesium Sulfate, an anti seizure med then gets ready to insert the cervadil and decides to do one last ultrasound. Surprise, my baby has flipped and is now breech (was vertex the day before when I had an ultrasound) so I was then scheduled for a c-section the next day at noon. C-section went fine, my baby girl Madison was born at 12:06 PM on Aug. 6 which was also my sister's 30th birthday, so she was super excited.

I had to remain on the Magnesium Sulfate for the next 24 hrs to prevent the possibility of full blown eclampsia and having seizures. I have small veins and was given a midline catheter when I first arrived at the hospital 3 weeks ago because they couldn't keep changing my IV and giving me fresh ones every 3 days like I needed and this catheter could stay in for 30 days at a time. Well, the midline started to leak and they literally stuck me 8 times in the arms trying to place a new IV to give me the remaining Magnesium Sulfate and all were unsuccessful. They then tried to give me a central line in my neck but I flat out refused and wouldn't consent to treatment. So now I'm on Keppra, an oral anti-seizure med for the next 12 hrs.

But it is all worth it because my beautiful baby girl is finally here! Even all of this pain following the c-section. Good grief it hurts to sit up, walk, go potty, etc. But I'd do it all over again for her! Sorry for writing a book ladies.

P.S. I uploaded pics if anyone wants to see her!
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Congrats on ur bundle of joy
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She's Beautiful!  Congratulations!
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O my, I'm glad everything worked out. Congrats mama! :)
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So gorgeous. Congratulations :-) enjoy your little lady x x
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Omg wow! Congrats momma! Glad all went well. Hope you the best. Sorry you have to go through all that , I can't even imagine. You're very strong. *hugs*
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Omg god bless her she is the cutest baby girl ..congrats mama
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Thanks so much ladies! I hope you all have smooth, healthy deliveries for your little ones!
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She's so adorable...Congrats!!
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Awww congrats, glad everything worked out, she's beautiful,  I can't wait for my baby girl 75 more days
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Congrats x
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Congratulations on your little princess :)
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By the way,  she's beautiful :)
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Congrats...she is precious with a lot of hair...hope yu have a speedy recovery!!
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Congrats!! Love her name :-)
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Thanks ladies, I luv her sooo much :) she seems so tiny, only 5 lb 13 oz. My son was almost 8 lb when he was born.  Its like I'm holding a little baby doll.
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Congrats! Glad to hear you are doing well!
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Wow, she's beautiful, congratulations mama, God bless her!!
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Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your daughter!! She is so precious! Take care and best of luck!
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She's so adorable!  you're a brave mama for what u went through ... congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! !
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Congrats!!!! How amazing God bless your family.
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Thank You!

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