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Support needed - just found out I'm pregnant with my third

Today I went to the urgent care for back pain (turns out I have a popped rib) in the middle of the doctor telling me What I should do for pain she said "and since you are pregnant you should stick to Tylenol for the pain" WHAT?!!?  pregnant?!!? I was shocked. I'm not even late yet! I didn't expect my period for another week!  

I have two kids already... Two boys 4 and almost 2.  I split with their dad a little over a year ago.  I have been dating someone new since Feb.  We haven't been together long and now I find out I'm pregnant.  I'm scared.  I'm worried.  I don't know what to do and I feel like I have no one to talk to.  I'm not ready to share the news.

I'm worried about what my family will say.  They see how much of a struggle it is for me being a single mom of two.  On top of that.. My current boyfriend is Mexican.  And I'm scared of how my white family will react. I'm worried they will treat this baby different.  I know that terrible.  And although my family is not racist and they really like my current boyfriend, my mom has always said she would rather me not have babies with someone outside of my race (I know that's horrible).  This only concerns me because it am so close with my family.  They are my everything.  On top of that.. It's another mouth to feed.  The financials of it all.  I'm living in a two bedroom condo.  Where am I going to put a third kid?!

I don't believe in abortion... But I don't know what to do.  I don't know how to feel.  I'm scared... I just want to cry.
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Damn that's crazy all I can say is leave it in God's hands and talk to your b/f about the pregnancy
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YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!! Now, say that to yourself and believe it. And your family, if they are as loving and supporting as you say they are, then they will be an added back bone of support for you, your two boys, and your blessing that is on the way. Things happen, but a baby is not just a "thing to happen;" they're our purpose in life as women, as mothers. You did it with two boys, look at it for what it is, another baby to love! THREE times the work, THREE times the gratification for you. And you know, this isn't your "Mexican" boyfriend... he's just, your boyfriend. And also the father of your unborn child. So be happy momma! Tomorrow has enough worries of its own.. focus on TODAY and the new life you're being blessed with.

You will be fine!!!

P.s. I'm a mother of 2, (3 yr old boy, 10 month old baby girl) and baby #3 on the way (21 weeks with baby girl #2) I'm a single momma, I am living with my babies and my parents (again) but I do go to school full time and I have big plans for my babies and I! It is all possible with a good support system and a strong backbone of your own.. have faith in yourself, you could never fail as a mother!
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Your parents will forget about her ethnicity because they'll love that baby to death.

Not my parents but some of my extended family are a bit racist, didn't believe in mixing and every single member adores my little Asian girl.

As for the rest.. A baby is always a blessing. It'll be hard but hopefully the dad will step up. My first I met her dad in June and we found out we were preg before Halloween :X it took a long time but we are now married and our daughter is the best thing that ever happened to either of us.
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Tell your boyfriend. He can help you.
In time, tell your family.
If your family is not accepting the child they shouldn't be involved with either of your children, if you let them treat your unborn child differently you're showing your two boys that it is okay, which it isnt.
In regards of finance, it is hard and will continue to be hard.
You have to make the best of the situation.
Children growing up in poor homes usually takes on the passion from their parents trying to provide.
It is very admirable. Let your kids dream and work hard, because that is how we move forward.
They will grow up to be greatful, hard working adults with good values.
and to be honest, we could use more of these people today.
You will be fine. Believe it.

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