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cold remedies

I'm 24 wks and 6 days and my son has managed to pass his cold on to me. Stuffy/runny nose and a sore throat. Any tips on how to kick it faster? My mother-in-law is coming to town this weekend, so I need as much energy as possible to clean/deal with her. Lol.
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Hello! I currently have a cold as well. My nose throat ears...everything hurts...I called my doctor this morning and she told me REGULAR/PLAIN sudafed and Tylenol are okay. I've also been talking hot showers the steam really helps.
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Hi. Same here! I'm feel terrible! I'm 23 weeks and My Dr said it was ok to take Robitussin DM. I started taking it today. I really hope it helps soon! I have a 4 year old and my hubby works the afternoon shift so I will be all alone with my little tornado! Hope you feel better soon!!
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I can't even count how many colds/flu I had the beginning of this pregnancy lol...
-hot sweet tea with lemon juice
-Tylenol PM (for bed)
got rid of it quick
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Cinnamon and honey disowned in water helps. Someone posted on another post 2 cloves of garlic and water is a natural cure. I use thieves oil in a diffuser and usually feel better ASAP.  Thieves essential oil right on your neck takes the pain away to.
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Hi ladies!
A natural route you can go is Apple Cider Vinegar. Make a cup of hot water and real lemon juice and put a couple of tablespoons of the ACV. It doesn't taste good but to make it easier to go down you can put honey in it. I use raw honey. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for you! Helps kill bacteria and wash out toxins. You must and I mean must buy the real stuff. BRAGGS Brand. It will say it has "the mother" in it. It will be cloudy looking. Do this a couple of times a day. Your cold will be gone fast! I take a shot of ACV every night before bed. Safe for pregnancy
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Thanks Ladies! Unfortunately I think I'm gonna have to cave in and go to the dr because it has turned into a horrible chest cold. :-(
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