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38 Weeks pregnant tips on how to bring labour on

hi everyone im now 38 weeks pregnant and im still i severe pain with my pelvic bone so im hoping to start trying things to get baby out has anyone got any tips or have any of use done anything before that would help

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i went to my local health shop a few days ago, and they gave me raspberry leaf tablets (to tone and relax the uterus), and palmrosa essential oil to rub on my abdomen (i think it helps trigger uterus contrctions).

some other 'remedies' are castor oil - but like some foods (curries etc) is just designed to give you diarrhoea which is thought to trigger it off, and castor oil makes most people very nauseus too so isnt recommended. Pineapples are another, but apparently you'd need 7 to be effective.

Sex is supposed towork by the contrctions and release of hormones of orgasm, the movement of penetration, and the protaglandins in the semen (apparently you can also getbenefit from them by swallowing from oral sex) Nipple stimulation is supposed to help (1 hour3xday), but can make the contractions stronger and more painful so again not ideal.

exercise is supposed to bring it on, but not so easy with pelvic pain, i'm goingto aquanatal, but still have to restrict what i'm doing to not aggrevate the pevis, swimming is so lovely though, and btter done on your front to help position the baby correctly, as does any activity where you are leaning forward. I also use my birthing ball to rock bck and forward and circl motions to help the pelvis

as you can see, i'm also more than ready and have taken a bit of an interest in helping things along :o)
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thank you so much for your advice i will try a few things and see if they work if not i will just have to wait till hes ready to come out

thank you again
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We are all tired of being pregnant!  LOL.  Are ya'll dilated any?  Are you effaced?  I was told yesterday that I'm 3cm and 60% effaced.  I have heard that it can happen during storms too.  The pressure is low during a storm.  Also full moons.  Its going to storm tonight... I hope I go into labor!  Hubby an I have been having lots of sex.  ( even though thats the last thing on my mind lol.)  I took a nap today just in case.  * wishful thinking*  I want to try some of the methods but I'm broke so I can't.  Anita
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