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Baby names for August 2009 babies

Hello Ladies....I was thinking that maybe we should do a name update post for all the names that have been picked out for our beautiful little bundles of joy....Since Jenntanis did such an amazing job with the gender update, I was thinking that we could do a name update as well....what do you all think? If you like to be apart of the name update, please leave a repy with the baby name you chose for your little pumpkin and I will do my best to make a list. Thanks ladies. This should be fun
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We are naming our little girl Mylee Isabella.
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Thanks everybody but we still can't decide. I like Rodrigo but that is my dh name and he says that alot of people can't pronounce it he said they either call him Rod or Rigo. But then I think that all my names are kinda old school, and we are hispanic and I don't want to use the typical and I think that Rodrigo is pretty unusual. I had never heard it til I met him.
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pat4rod- I like Eduardo and Diego best, but those are all good names.

martinsbride- I just love the name you picked out. If I have another girl I might have to steal it ;-)
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Thanks for your support. I hope everyone is enjoying it
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Let's see..they are all great names but I think I like Rodrigo the best. Diego is also a great name but I always think of Dora the explorer when i hear that name now. Good luck
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We sure are getting alot of great names....Just think a couple months ago we were all wondering if we were going to be on the blue or pink team, now we are listing all the great names we chose....YAY! The next mile stone is delivery ladies.....WOW

Mrs_Fergie-             Abigail Lynne
jenntanis-                Matthew John
Dani711-                 Colter William
kaprovea-                Joel Alexander
drmwvrjean-             Grace Winona
blueeyedtabbycat-    Taylor Marie
pookie1121-             Isabella & Twin 2 for now
munter-                    undecided
ckenny-                   Taylor Nicole
Jen8950-                  Caleb Bradley
Nicmom-                  Isabella Nicole
35Momofboys-          Hailey Lauren & Hannah Christen
martinsbride-             Isla Morgan
crysi-                        Lochlyn Jayden Alexander
alexia226-                 Mikayla Jade
rdh1981-                    Cruz Cooper
tiredbuthappy-           Juliana
Diabolicafemmia-       Cadence Rian
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