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any 1 taken "x" once while pregnant

my friend and I are the same weeks pregnant we ARE BOTH 10 WEEKS ! she has broken my heart this week she has been taken "X" twice in one night and taking klonopin, xanax, and lortab. she thinks its too early for anything to hurt the baby is that true? She promises that she only has taken 2 "x" pills since she has been pregnant. she did that a few nights ago. She said she only did it because she had an appointment scheduled for an abortion and has since then changed her mind. She took several xanax and klonopin that same week. And I think she smoked weed on one night recently. Im so afraid for her. i tried to find the dangers in ""X" online and could not find anything. Before she knew she was pregnant she did soma klonolin and oxycontin and roxicodone on a regular daily basis until she found out she was pregnant at 5 weeks. She also consumed alot of liquor and beer. Mostly getting drunk on Tequila. She has remained sober until the few days ago that she took the "x" and the other pills. If she were to remain sober for the remainder of her pregnancy is there a good chance her baby could be ok? If not what type of birth defects could she have acquired? please help me research this so i can talk to her. Thank you all so much. I am so afraid for her.
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I know she is your friend but she pisses me off.As you yourself know there are women on this forum dying to get pregnant and some off them when they do they are afraid to move around for fear something happens (I know you are probably in that stage). So why is it peopls like that get pregnant. She needs serious help.
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I totally agree with the comment above... I'm afraid to take tylenol too, I personally wouldn't even risk that... I miscarryed before this pregnancy and I was absolutely devastated... I wanted to concieve soo bad and when I did, I was very excited.. I ended up losing my baby... She needs help, All of her focus should be on the health of that little baby... It's really sad that there are people like this out there, Having children when they cant even take care of themselves. The most crucial time as  HeatherLF16 already stated is the first 3 months.. That's when the cells divide, If she does something to mess up  any ONE of those cell's, The baby could be born with a birth defect. I pray that the innocent little child will be alright, If not I hope the doctors realize it and take the baby away at birth.
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Hi Charish,
For her to be doing this right now is completley selfish sounds like she needs to go to rehab.  If anything is in her system even close to what you mentioned above when the baby is born... she will have that baby taken away so fast when it's delivered if it makes it to that point (hospitals do check and it happend to a distant relative of mine).

The first 3 months of pregnancy is the time the babies spine, brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and other critical organs are forming, therefore it is critical to the babies life and well being.  The only thing you can take that is not harmful to your baby is tylenol and I am even afraid to take that.  So, any of the above mentioned could be affected.  Only time doctors allow you to even take medication is when you have a serious condition that the benefits of taking the pills outweigh the risk.

Maybe she doesn't know how fragile life is, and how many responsible people just on this site alone have trouble conceiving,  and would do absolutley anything to have a healthy child.  Sorry, but people like her **** me off and shouldn't be having children.  I hope she gets help for the sake of her child.  I know this must be hard for you to watch with being pregnant and all.  
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