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weight gain at week 6

Hi Girls,

I think I was above my average weight (125) a month or so before I got pregnant, around 130-133.  I don't use a scale so I don't know for sure. I got weighed at the doctor today and was 143.  I think I have gained 10 pounds already! At the minimum I've gained 5.  This is pretty fast! I know from what I've read that this is probably much too fast.  I also quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant, so this could be part of it.  I am eating more, but not too much.  I know you are not supposed to try and lose weight when pregnant, but I hope I don't gain more for a while.  I'm not usually a person so concerned about weight (that's why I don't have a scale) but now I just feel so big.  I'm 32 if that helps with anything.

I think people are even guessing I might be preg because of that.  LOL!  My doctor didn't say anything as today was our first visit and we had other stuff we were covering.  I don't get an U/S until week 9 :(. I can't wait as I want to confirm everything is ok.  

How is your experience?  Did you gain fast? Thanks-

(PS I can't change the topic above from "Baby Names", weird.)
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My first pregnancy experience I gained 10 pounds in 11 weeks (I had a loss at 11 weeks then lost about 5 of the 10).  I think it is typical to gain that much quick if it's your first pregnancy because you know you should start eating more, but you really don't know how much ect.  Then you have factors like quiting smoking, cravings, and like me husbands who bring you treats every day haha.  
Now 5 months later I am almost 8 weeks and have gained about 2 pounds (I have been feeling sick and can't eat a lot).  
I don't think you should worry much about it.  Just as long as you and the baby are healthy you can get the weight off when the baby is here.  But, if you think you are gaining too fast just know that you only need about 300 extra calories (not double your usual when you are pregnant equal to about a bananna and a yogurt).  Maybe you can start taking a walk a few times a week and just try not to eat high fat or high sugar foods.  That is about all you can do no dieting when pregnant.  :)
Best of luck to you.
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Thanks Heather! Trying to avoid high fat/high sugar is a good idea.   Also, I have definitely been drinking more ginger ale lately, but that keeps the queasiness at bay.
Hope all is well!
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I drink that constantly too it's the first thing I drink when I wake up in the AM.  
I am one to talk with the high fat high sugar as I sit here eating my homemade chocholate chip cookies ...lol.
My pants do not fit hardly and I tried to buy a bigger size today loose every where but the belly.  I blame it on the uterus expanding haha my scale says I only gained 2 pounds but maybe its wrong.  ???  
We should just embrace it going to get bigger before we get smaller.  :)
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Part of the weight gaon could just be due to the holidays too! a lot of people gain a few pounds during this time of the year, so it does'nt mean you will keep the weight gain up. Good luck
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That's true, holidays and winter in general and we tend to eat a bit more. Especially if you live somewhere cold.  

I've been thinking about what we know about pregnancy from seeing movies and tv, and how that effects us too (like seeing characters eat a bunch!).  Like me on the sofa with Hagen Daaz mint chip! Lol.  

Walking feels really good though, and it's a good way to stay active and get refreshed in a non-straining way.  
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