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Cramps and discharge, early pregancy

I just found out that I am 4 to 5 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing some cramping and discharge. Discharge is clear which I heard is good but I've had 2 miscarriages over the last 2 years and this is really concerning me.  I've read that the discharge and cramping is normal but is anyone else experiencing this?  I can't help but be concerned about the cramping since I've had prior miscarriages.
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I have similar symptoms, cramping - did have clear (almost *pre-cooked* egg white-ish) discharge yesterday with a tinge of red, today clear mucusy discharge at times pink - but only when wiping nothing visible otherwise.  I have taken 4 different pregnancy tests to confirm, all being (+) - just made an appt. for first ultra sound in May when I'm 10 wks.
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I have also had 2 m/c...both in the past year.  Every time I get a cramp I am running to the bathroom, but so far everything is great...I know that an increase in discharge is very common, it helps clean everything out to keep bacteria away from the cervix.  The cramps are normal too, hormones thicken the lining and get the uterus ready to start growing to support a pregnancy for 9 months.  Since you've had the m/c is your Dr. following your HCG and progesterone to maybe give you a little bit of peace of mind until you can see something on u/s?
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Thanks for responding. It is making me feel alot more at ease knowing this is normal and that other people are going through this. I'm trying not to worry so much but like you, I also run to the bathroom way to much throughout the day.  I'm glad to hear that everything is going well for you this time.  

As far as my doctor goes I have not had my first appointment yet. That should be within the next week or so. I've just had the blood drawn.  
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I had cramps on and off the first few weeks, but it's tapered off some.  I am 6 weeks 6 days.  I also have discharge on and off.
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Hi . So I recently just had sex for the first time , well I've tried with my ex boyfriend last year around this time but we never "finished" and he didn't enter all the way nor *** . So about a week ago I just got off my period and that same day I had unprotected sex with my bestfriend . He did *** but he "pulled out" it was my first time getting the hang of sex he literally lasted 1 minute due to the "tightness" . I didn't think nothing of it at first ... We tried again the same night Nd the same thing happened ... So about 3 days ago I noticed slimy like whiteish discharge in my panties .. Now Im familiar with discharge but the time it just was really odd and different . Way more then usual . I got in the shower and it was also more on the rag ..  That's never happened either .. The next day it was the same thing . Now today is what freaked me out a little bit . I was talking to my sister about the discharge that was going on Nd on the phone with her I went to see she was concerned and when I whiped it was ALOT of discharge more like a tan color now . I also had unprotected sex the day after my first discharge experience . I feel like I may be pregnant .. My body is just reacting funny lately I try not to think about it because idk I don't want to fool myself into something . But I've had backaches like before my period comes on so I thought that was weird . Because I'm not suppose to start until the 6th and it's  only the 20th . I may have had some cramps to . Again I just don't want to fool myself so im not sure but the strange discharge lately has me wondering can somebody help give me some advice ? Like if anybody else had this problem ?
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