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Went in hospital yesterday for food poisoning/stomach flu

So Wednesday night I came down with a bad headache, vomitting my brains out, and diareah (tmi :\). I couldnt keep any liquids down all night or into the next day so my husband and I went to the ER and they decided to give me 2 bags of IV fluid, zofran, and immodium. and of course they had a trainee whod never done an IV before do my IV. which made me pass out/black out for a few minutes and the room flooded with nurses and doctors so they monitored baby for a good couple hours and things were very strong with her heart :) i got some oxygen and other monitors on me because my blood pressure dropped so low and had a follow up appt today. dr said it should pass fairly quickly, and the flu symtoms are usually short lived. but he said theres a lot of bugs going around right  nowand and its very contagious! be careful everyone!!

anyway. just an update on my pregnancy....:) and OH MAN are we getting close!!!!!
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Hope your feeling better soon!!!!! I hate that there are always students working on me to I am requesting that no students touch me or my baby during labour and delivery... I know they have to learn and all but I am not gonna be a guinea pig when im in that state lol....
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Oh man I'm so sorry :(. I'm like OCD with the hand sanitizer these days so afraid of bugs that make you pukey bc there is nothing I hate more than puking. I'm SO glad you are feeling better!
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Majikat- I know i felt bad because i think i made her nervous when i started passing out! and i figured the other nurse wouldnt let her do it if she was doing it wrong...but ugh. what a mess it was! :S

sunworshiper_26-  i am so starting tobe OCD with the hand sanitizer. lol.
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Sorry to hear that you werent feeling well. I also had an IV inserted Wednesday when I was admitted to the hospital and the nurse was bold enough to say "THis is only my second time". I almost freaked at just the thought of her doing something wrong. Thankfully she hit the vain on the first try but did say she made a mess. Needless to say I was too queezy to look. I hope you are feeling better. I know there's nothing worse than being sick on top of being pregnant. No fun at all!
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