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pelvic pressure at 29 weeks

just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the feeling i am having currently or if it is unusual.i do not remember it with my first pregnancy.i am having this very intense pressure on my actual vaginal area at any point while standing.i do not feel contractions or anything even in my belly area other then normal baby movement.and when i am sitting i am just fine.but once i am up and moving around i feel like someone is literally pressing down on my vagina.i tried to tell my doc last visit but all she said was its  the baby..well no der its the baby...but is this normal???and when do i begin to worry.anyone???
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When I stand, I feel pain in my bladder, enough that if I didn't know any better, I would say I might not make it to the bathroom! And then when I do go, its hardly anything!    When Im sitting, at certain times, I feel like her foot or hand is in my vagina, even though, I know its not.  So, Im right with you on the vaginal pain.

For me, like I said, its not constant but either way, I think its "normal."  However, if you feel something else is up, by all means, bring it up to your doctor again.  Believe me, when I first had the vaginal pain, of course it was a 10pm at night, I called the answering service and got a doctor on the line.  It freaked me out and well, I had not qualms about calling.  
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I asked my Dr. a very similar question last Friday....

I am not sure if it is exactly what you are describing.. BUT I have been having this weird feeling/pressure, like he is kicking me in the vagina from the inside., like maybe an arm or leg will "fall out" I know sounds ridiculous and TMI but that is the only way I can verbalize what I have been feeling.. My Dr. says that is normal for some women, especially if the baby happens to be sitting or you are carrying low?! That's the answer I got anyway!

Keep us posted. ANd let me know if that is kinda what you have been experiencing too!?
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i told my dr. that if you popped a barbies legs apart, that was how i felt. every time i stand up and walk around i feel that way and like my vagina is bruised from the inside out. they just tell me its all normal!
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That is a great analogy natemomma, I've been having this pressure since about 26 weeks. My doc called it SPD, but later in pregnancy they don't normally diagnose that because the weight of the baby late in pregnancy can cause the same issues.
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i am so glad u described it this way because that is exactly how it feels which makes me feel like it must be normal if u guys r having it to which is good to hear.well i have a u/s on wed so hopefully i will make sure all is ok but honestly if it gets worse i dont know how im going to function i work on my feet all day some days 12 hour shifts and had every intention on working til the very end.i guess we shall see
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I had the same issues - intense pain. I mentioned it to my doctor twice and both times she shrugged it off and just casually said it was normal. It didnt' feel like it was normal because when the pain got really bad I literally had to take such tiny baby steps and I felt like I was walking with a bowling ball in between my legs (my legs would spread very far apart). This pain has kind of eased up. I dont' really notice it anymore. Not sure if it is because I have purposely not been on my feet as much or if it was just a cycle thing.. Just wanted to let you know my experience with it.

I didnt' know how to explain it nicely to my doctor. The only analogy that I could give was that it felt like I had been a virgin and now I wasn't. It just hurt so bad. Hopefully your pain will subside like mine did because I couldn't imagine working on my feet for 12 hours when I am like that. I work a desk job and could barely handle the walking that I had to do!
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I am 29 weeks pregnant and I have been having real bad pains and pressure in my pelvic and occasionally I get this pain and my pelvic and stomach muscles tighten up and feel like hes pushing down wat is this? And also sometimes I have a discharge like some time of clear liquid goes down my leg!
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