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Rotating motions?

To all the women who have had babies before I think I can see little Tee rotating (turning over) in my belly. I was laying down and all of a sudden I see like this wave go through my belly and it is happening more and more. I even put my hand over my belly and felt the wave go over my hand. It isn't to early right because if it is something must be wrong or I am farther a long then what the doctors thought. Thanks!!!
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Pregnancies vary.  I don't think anything is wrong.  Baby is obviously growing.  That's great that you are having this experience early.  With my first, I don't think I saw the "wave" until week 28 or so.  It was never ending after that.  
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I don't think it is too early for you, what an awesome sight!!!
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I felt the EXACT same thing yesterday! Only I didn't see it from the outside, I felt it with my hand though, because I wasn't expecting it, I didn't look, then for about 5 minutes after he was kicking! :]
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Thanks ladies it really is amazing to see and feel him moving around in there.
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