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Tingling Upper Belly

I've been having these lately. I'm at 39 weeks now and I feel these tingling feeling (like you would when you foot is numb or tingling) right under my boobs. Anyone else had this feeling?

I don't think its anything major to worry about but what is it?? why is it?
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I get this when i lay on my left side its like right by my ribs and it feels tingly like something like when my foot falls asleep i asked my doctor he said its normal and to be thankful it feels numb and doesnt hurt hahaha :)
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I have had what I would describe as a burning sensation right under my boobs that hurts to the touch, like if my bra is on it or if I rub with my hands.  It has seemed to subside the last couple of weeks, but I had it with my first baby, too.  I think it's from our skin stretching so much that it starts to hurt (or burn/tingle).  It went away after my baby was born and this time, it's seemed to mostly go away already..I guess my skin got used to the stretching finally - LOL  I wouldn't worry - you're a week away so all kinds of body parts are gonna hurt now..ugh, I know.
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