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Baby won't stop wiggling when I put her down!

Hi -
When Hayden goes down to bed, we are usually good for a 3-4 hr stretch - but when she gets up in the middle of the night for a feeding - she crashes in my arms and I put her back down - but she won't stop wiggling - her eyes are closes but she twitches and throws her body all over the place.

Often i go back in there to find her flipped around! The DR said to have her sleep just in PJs and fore go the swaddling - as of last night - that made no difference. What is even worse is that her little foot was poking through the crib slats!

I just feel like she is so unsettled and even though her eyes are closed - she isn't really asleep when she is having these wiggling episodes.

Does anyone else experience this??
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I would think the swaddling would be better. Carter thrashes his arms around and wakes himself up, i just made lighter blankets for the summer. He still moves around a lot though. We bought the air flow bumper pads because he was getting his arms out, they are just mesh that goes around the crib

We did have a scary moment the other night though when he wiggled so much he had the blanket wrapped around his neck, now we make sure to do it extra tight and it hasnt happened since
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Phin is a twitcher too but he sleeps right through it all.
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Noah used to twitch and move alot.....but he has kinda tamed down on that, altho in the morning when I get him from his crib he will have scooted all the way to the end of the crib! I would think as long as she is still sleeping through it then its ok, I would think that the swaddling would also help more than hinder....
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Guess I have a pretty sound sleeper compared to some of you!  hahaha...

When I put her down, she will usually through her hands up like she is surprised and then "pump" her legs back and forth, but we use a pacifier... so once that sucker is in her mouth, she is usually out like a light :)

I am surprised that your doctor didn't say swaddling would help.  You would think that would help with the thrashing around.  Leighton isn't swaddled anymore (WAY too hot for her right now... so we use sleep sacks.)  Maybe try a sleep sack instead, that way her legs are contained, but she can still move them.  Her arms are mobile too.
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I think that the doctor may have told you to stop swaddling because of the risk of SIDS. If she is swaddled and moves around like that it is far more likely that she with dislodge the blanket and get it up by her face, which may cause suffocation.

Don't worry, I am sure she is getting lots of sleep even though she is wiggling away. Mark uses a sleep sack, like Ovaz's baby, and he does really well in it.
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Unfortunately, we are caught in the trap of putting Brock in bed, swaddled, when he's completely asleep.  We have tried and he screams!  Hopefully we can get away from that and let him cry it out soon.  I tried a couple times but it's so hard.  He makes lots of noises during the night so I'm sure there's some movement, but I don't check on him every time anymore like I used to!
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I have the same problem.  I have to hold my daughters legs and arms down until she stops flailing before I can go back to bed. I don't know that she would sleep through it; I have never left her to try because I don't want to risk her waking up.  Did anyone find a way to make their baby stop wigglng???
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