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Cord Blood Banking

We just requested info today for Cord Blood Banking - this is where they save your child's umbilical cord and store it - so if there is a future need (cancer, illness, stem cell) - the cord can be used to save your child. It's a little pricey - plus it includes an annual storage fee - but we decided to do it. Here is the info:  


Anyone else doing this?
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I am the "unsure".  I am under the impression that if your family is "at risk" for certain diseases, it is wise to bank the blood... but if your family is fairly clear of disease, then it probably isn't worth it.  Not to say that saving my child's life isn't worth the price tag, but I just don't know!  

All of these things are sooo confusing (not to mention $$$) that come up during pregnancy... its decision after decision after decision!  ahhhh.... so much to decide upon!  (Or maybe its just me who is feeling that way! hahah)
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I am with you with the unsure.  My family doesn't really have any reasons to worry, but there is always What if it happens.  We don't think we are going to do it, but who knows we may still change our minds.  
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I want to but the cost is a huge factor, plus when i've looked into it, where I am in Canada doesn't really have a place to do it which means sending it to Toronto, I am going to ask my Dr is they had any patients do it
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We decided that we cannot afford to do it but I am going to donate the cord blood for research.  I want it to go to a good use instead of just being thrown away.
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