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Once in a while Monday updates

Hi Mamacitas! (is that how you spell?)
Hope everyone had a great holiday and you are not battling sick toddlers (ugg COLD season!), but honestly last year was wayy worse with colds - I felt like Hayden was always sick.

She speaks so much - tons of words, etc.

No developments in potty training - she won't sit still long enough to go! But she does tell me when she has a "poop poop". How are others faring in this dept?

We have a toddler bed set up in her room - but she is still in the crib. I guess I am just keeping it there so she can lounge and get used to it.

AFM, 24 weeks and kicking! Glucose test tomorrow....
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Hello :)

We just got out of the sick boat... something killer was lurking in Tucson and we all got it!  Agreed, definitely not as bad as last year.  Last year's bug was a force to be reckoned with.  Whatever we all had though, ended up staying around a bit longer in Leighton which ultimately turned into a sinus infection that is being treated with Amoxicillian and a humidifier.  Almost done with this 1 month bug!

Like Hayden, Leighton is a talking machine!  This may sound strange, but a lot of times parents comment about Leighton's ability to talk so well at 22 months compared to their own children.  This makes me super uncomfortable and I really don't know what to say other than "Each child is different and each one devolopes at their own pace."  And, that is the truth, but it really does make me uncomfortable!

We are currently in the process of ordering Lei's twin bed... we had a little interuption this month with the passing of my mother in law, so transitioning her to her big girl bed and potty training have sort of gone on hold for the month.  We need to get through family stuff before we introduce anything new into her life just yet.  But, I am getting excited for potty training and the bed switch :)  

AFM: 7 months now of TTC and nothing.  My endo did order blood work last week and I have yet to hear the results.  I am super anxious to see what they show.  We are just looking for some answers to a bunch of questions and hopefully this bloodwork will give us some because we would like to have another little one running around the house sooner rather than later :)  
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Hey ladies! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had good holidays.

Jack is definitely talking up a storm as well. We only get single words and some of them I need to get out my translation book but he is a chatter box nonetheless. We went to our first gym class today. He got to jump, roll and climb for about 45 minutes. I was pooped after that. Thatnkfully he was too and took a 3 hour nap today. Yay! Other than that he is just a still happy kid. He still gets into things and annoys me but can also very easily make me laugh till I almost pee my pants. He is way into Seasame Street (aka "reet" in Jack language) and Super Why (aka "why"). I think we are going to go the Elmo borthday party route this year so I am doing some preliminary reseach on decor. As for the potty training, he does tell me "poo poo" and "pee pee" but when we put him on his potty he too doesn't sit still long enough to do anything. However, the other night he, for some reason, forcefully pushed out a little pee-pee in his potty. So I guess we are on our way.

AFM - I am just now hitting the 1/2 way mark. We go in on Friday to find out the sex...counting down the hours. Other than the anticipation nothing too new. Trying to constantly keep up with Jack and get things done around the house.

Ovaz - Sorry to hear about the passing of your MIL. I hope this you guys get some answrs soon. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. My thoughts are with you guys. Take care.

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Hey Ladies,
  MAdy too is talking all the time, even making sentences now, 2 or 3 words..  Today we were outside talking to a friend and she said cold outside bbbbbb( which in her words is brrr).  She really amazed me over XMas break I think she grew leaps and bounds then, even her sitter noticed it.  

  We are working on the putty Mady goes often but still has wet diapers.  It is hard when she is with us all weekend then with someone else during the week.  But I would love to be done with diapers before Chase comes.  Here;s to hoping.  We haven't done the bed yet.  I think we are just moving to a full size bed, because her crib moves into that, and instead of buying so many different pieces we will just mover ahead a few.  But we arent ready yet.  She sleeps soooo well in her crib.

  AFM-  I am 20 weeks preggo.  11 more to go, I am counting thr days.  I am so over being preggo.  And I cant wait for Chase to be here.  Passed glucose and start going to the dc every 2 weeks next week.  

Ovaz so sorry to hear about your MIL.  I hope you and John are dealing with everything as well as to be expected.  Best of luck with the tests, keep us posted.....

Have a good week.
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Well... the results of my hormone testing came back great!  Which is good news, but doesn't answer why my cycles are messed up.  Ugh... so annoying.
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Glad to hear your tests came back good. :) Though I can imagine how frustrating it is not to have any answers to your situation. What is next with regards to testing? Or did they say to wait and see?
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