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Phin update

Well after a ton of evals and observations, Phin has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS which is on the autism spectrum. He is now receiving close to 20 hours a week of therapy. Fortunately it is all in home but still is draining on us all. He is picking up sign language really quickly, leading us all to believe that he is very much a visual learner.

The other day he called me Mom for the first time with sign language...I cried. His frustration level is going down so much now that he has a means of communication. I wish we had stuck with signing while he was a baby, we could have bypassed a lot of tantrums!
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Praying for you Kel! My husband's grandson has the same condition. He is now 5 years old and learning sign language...
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OMG my heart just melted when I read that he signed MOM for the first time.... I am keeping you and your family in my prayers! My stepdaughter was diagnosed with Austism and it is not an easy road BUT there is a light at he end of the tunnel. You will notice that the more he is able to communicate the less he will be frustrated! I am so glad you have your answers and now you guys can move forward! I am always here if you want to chat!
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I wanted to add that Phin has started a 30 hour a week program, in a classroom with other kids like him. He LOVES it! He is so stinking cute with his backpack and light up sneakers. I am having a harder time transitioning that he is. It feels so different with him gone during the days.
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