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How are our 1 year olds??

Brielle is doing great!  She is crawling all over the place and pulling herself and walking around the furniture, I think she will be walking soon!  She has her days with food, she has her favorites like salmon, cheese, potatoes and green beans. She loves the gerber crunchys...sometimes I wish I never gave them to her!
She has her 1 year check yesterday and is 18.4 pounds...10th percentile a bit small but the pediatrician said she looks very healthy so not to worry! she is 29 1/4 inches tall.
She says mama, dada and I swear she says thank you...its more like tha who....but she says it, she will pick up blocks or bath toys and hand them to us and if we say thank you she says it back. Its pretty cute.
She has her 2 bottom teeth, her top right and the one beside it and is working on the top left and the one beside that, the top 4 have all come in a row so she has been a bit grumpy, but not to bad..as long as she has something to chew on she likes pickles the best!

She does however have a lazy eye, she was checked by my eye dr at 6 months and she said to come back at 1, the prediatrican told me yesterday to get it checked again so we are going on friday. I think she will need glasses or surgery :( trying not to think about it!!

her birthday went great! we had a little celebration just the 3 of us on her real birthday and then this past sunday had her party, we had like 10 kids and 20 adults, it was busy but it well great!  she loved it!!

how is everyone else doing?
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well sorry for not writting in a long time i have been packing to sell the house and now have no place to move to.

well back to Zephyr who was 1 on the 27th she is 33.25 inches and 18lbs 12 oz so for height she is WAY over 100% and for weight only about 7%.  But she is crawling like crazy, pulling herself up on everything. Climbing stair only 3 of them and she knows she isn't suppose to climb them without us near her and she turns smiles, laughs and wave then takes off crawling faster.

she has 7 teeth working on the 8th. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

She says mama, dada, hi, hey, baba, bye, and she signs fan, milk, all done, music, light, tree. she also knows where her nipples, belly button, and stinky toes are. And dances to most music. oddly we don't listen to them but led zepplin she likes alot lol.

she loves her puffs, crunchies, toast and peanut butter, water, apple juice, carrots, and fomula.

also she has past her first swimming lessons.
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madison is getting huge she walks around holding on to furniture and stands in middle of the living room and etc for months now but wont take more than a step or two and she will stop and look at u madison seems huge according to everyone lol she is 31 inches tall and is 26 pounds she['s been stuck round that weight for like 3 months now she turned one on april 27th lol she loves to sing and dance all the time lol she has quite a few words she says lol she always wants what u have or wants to do what u do lol she has not had formula since her bday and drinks whole milk now sometimes she gets so busy she doesn't want to eat at all i have to make her a plate or some snacks lol and put her in her high chair lol ...she has learned to stand up in her high chair bc it doesn't have straps for some reason but she is def getting bigger since about 10 months its been 3 months and no ear infections thank good ness lol and she only has 4 teeth 2 on bottom n 2 on top and her hair is growing so slow lol she loves to swim and be outside alot. lol that's about it for now i think.... she is very social and loves talking to ppl especially another kid/baby lol so glad to see and hear that all of our lil ones are doing well and growing up so fast :(
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Wow... Love reading all the updates.  Asa is 31 inches long and 22 lbs.  He has been walking since 10.5 months, so he is all over the place now.  He loves kisses and he has started trying to hit and say no or stop, so when he does that, we tell him to say he's sorry and try to be sweet and gentle, then he will rub your face or your hand and say "ohhh"... he says mama, dada, bye-bye (with a wave), hi (also with a wave).  He jabbers all the time and has said a few words once (bible, baby (I'm pregnant again)) and tries to copy everything you teach him.  If you ask him how old he is or how big he is, he puts up one finger with a huge grin.  He still only has his bottom two teeth, but today I felt his bottom left molar starting to come in.  He is just now starting to eat with his hands, and hates being fed baby food, but he won't eat enough on his own, so I have to almost force feed him some days.  He loves drums (and really any musical instrument), balls, books and dogs.  He loves to "dance."  I guess that is about it.  I just love watching him grow and learn!
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kylesmom- Brielle and Kyra seem very similiar and Brielle is only 18.4 pounds and she was taller than Kyra (29 1/4 inches) Our pediatrican said she looks very healthy and to not worry about the percentile thing ( brielle is also only in the 10th) he said now more than ever you can tell which babies are breast fed b/c they are smaller...and no offense at all to anyone else but we all know breast is best. Brielle is also still having boob morning and night, and a few times a day when she is teething, she wouldnt eat otherwise .She got her 4 top teeth all in a row so it was a bad week or so. She got her bottom 2 in january so I am guessing she is due for a bottom 1 or 2. She has stood twice by herself ( not holding me or furniture) so i am guessing the walking will come soon enough.

She has an appointment with the eye specialist in august and may need glasses. Not happy about it but there is nothing i can do. My husbands 13 year old has the same lazy looking eye so the dr. said its probably hereditary.
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I didnt realize there were 3 of us having babies on the 11th!
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Well Kyra turned one back on the 11th and everyday is something new for us.  She started walking on her birthday and now is getting pretty good on her feet.  Everyday she gets a little braver and moves a little faster.  Although she still has her wobbly moments like yesterday she feel down at daycare and split her lip on a block.  I felt so awful for her, so she get plenty of special treatment last night :)
She is talking up a storm, but sometimes it is just a bunch of gibberish!  She does say hi, bye, mom, dad, gigi (our dog), dog, yum, boo (we play lots of peek a boo) and so on.  She is a total momma's girl, to the point I think she hurts my husbands feelings sometimes. She is super affectionate and cannot give enough kisses.  She loves to blow kisses at strangers when we are out.  They seem to always get a kick out of it and have to come say hi to her.  She has 6 teeth 4 on top and two on the bottom.  We are down to only morning and bedtime feedings, and she eats whatever we are having for all of her meals.  She has turned into a great little eater and we never have a problem getting her to eat.
At her 12 month check up she weighed 18.6 lbs and was 27 3/4 inches long.  She is only in the 10th percentile and her Dr. was a little concerned because she lost almost a pound from her 9 month check up.  So we have to go back for a weight check this month and possible start supplements.  I am not concerned because she eats like a little piggy, i think she may just have lost some from being mobile and is going to grow sooner or later.
I am glad everyone else is doing so well and hope things keep getting better  :)
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Update- we just had Lexi's 12 month check and she def. had a HUGE growth spurt WAY above the 100% this time she's 32in tall and 22# 12oz.   my BIG GIRL! wow!!!!!  she's always road about the 90-100 on each percentile but this time she is way over.  also got more shots :( this time she forgot about it with in 2min of getting them so i didn't feel as bad this time we opted to get all 4 done now rather than space them out. Though we could handle one crabby day and awful experience at the dr than space it out and have so many but no crabbiness in this child couldn't have asked for it to go any better!!! anyway we are moving this week now it's final can't wait to reconnect when we are settled :D
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It is so crazy how our little babies are growing so quickly. Addy has a few weeks on all you guys so she is FLYING around like she has walked forever! It is so cute to watch here waddle as she runs! :)

She says somthing new everyday that tickles me, like today when I picked her up from day care they were out on the play ground, when she saw me (from across the building) she screamed/squeeled MOM-MA! and stood up and came running and jumped into my arms, everyone got a chuckle! She acts like she never sees me! haha Still a mommas girl!!!

Addy was in the 25th percentile, she weighed 19 and 1/2 pounds at her 12 month visit and was 28 & 3/4 imches long.

It has been so emotional for me lately as well, Jeremy I think is also getting a little antsy and was talking of another/last! Of course she is my 3rd or there wouldnt be a question of more, it would be definate. But it took so long for her idk if I have that infertility road in me again. We will see what time holds.

Glad to hear all is doing well, I'm gonna come look at new picks of all your little ones!!
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This last yr has FLOWN by :( never believed my parents when they said kids grow too fast..... how true ;)  

We are having Lexis's birthday this saturday (her birthday is tomarrow) hoping for a good turn out as we are having it at a big park for all the kids to enjoy.  We are yet to go in for our one yr check but yesterday i weighed her just to see and she's around 24lbs.  VERY tall though not sure on height will let you guys know when we go in for our check- she's alwyas been OVER the 100% for height- weird cuz i'm 5'5 and daddy is about 5'10 hehe but she's losing her rolls now since she's leaning out- sad my baby is growing up :*(

Lexis has been walking on her own now for the past month.  She started taking her first steps at9months.....ugh i don't know why she is in a hurry!!! She is turing into miss independent.  She wants to walk everywhere on her own- or hlding my finger and pointing at everything to show me lol it's so fun.  She's saying "mama" "daddy" "why-we" (for Riley or dog) "ka" (for jack our other dog) "bug"  "bir"  (bird)  "dirt" "potty" "yes" "NO"  "num" "ball" "balloo" (balloon) and will copy whatever you say to teach her but then soon forgets ;)  ex: flower, water, sky, moon, tree and so on you tell her what something is and she'll try and say it right back!!!  
She's a VERY affectionate little girl hugs and kisses to everyone and everything!!!!! it's so sweet.  Her favorite things to do are being outside and goign to the beach.  can't wait for her birthday she's getting a pool to play in and SHE LOVES WATER!!!!!!  She is in love with animals and will prefer to play with animals over ANY toy always.  she thinks dandilions are super cool and picks thema ll the time!!! I have taught her to be kind to plants as we have over 20 in our house she when she sees a flower somewhere she has to always smell them :)  it's just amazing how smart and how much she absorbs each day!!!!!

We are still bf on demand about 5 times in 24 hrs but as of now she's teething again workig on her "I" teeth (don't know the proper spelling hehe) she's got the front two and bottom two and they came in quite easily now thse two "I" teeth she' refusing to eat unless it's baby food (puree) or something with no texture.  One a normal day she eats what we eat and loves her whole milk.  I felt the same krushing- i thought my lil girl was goign to starve when she went on strike because of her teeth i was in such a panic but it's so nice to hear other babies do the same and yes they will eat when they are hungry i alwayas think "well i'm hungry she's gotta be too" lol

Great to hear updates from you two ladies sounds like your babies are doing GREAT :D just wish time would slow down a little bit!!!!  I too am having a hard time with my baby growing up so fast- we are currently waiting to see when #2 will be on the way as we aren't using any protection and have cut down on feedings.  I haven't had a pp af yet but had one day of spotting in April.  I am also going back to work since having her- which is goign to be a struggle for me and babes but yet good for us at the same time I will only be working 2 days a week at first.  Lex will enjoy spending more time with Grandma while i work . on top it all we are moving 3hrs away from our current place (where my job will be and grandma lives) so much going on this month can't wait for things to settle down!!!!! take care alll you mommies and i'll reconnect soon as we are settled in our new place!!!!  
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Aww yay for Brielle!!!!  

Reece is doing well.  He turned a year old on the 11th.  He is the same as Brielle, crawling, pulling up and cruising the furniture.  He has started to just stand and let go, but then gets this horrific look on his face and immediately sits down.  It won't be too much longer on the walker.  He was slow to start crawling, as he didn't start until about 10.5 months or so.  He's just very laid back and easy going.  He says Mama, Dada, Bye-Bye and Baby (our dog's name, which was the first word he said and the Gerber Baby on the jars of food...if we are eating Gerber Food, he has to kiss the baby, LOL).  He waves bye-bye and does the same for night-night.  And we do kiss-kiss and he kisses you.

We had a little party with just close immediate family and friends.  It was great.  He went for his 12 month check up and he was 23.9lbs and 29.5".  He is finally at the 50th percentile.  I knew once he got mobile he'd slim down...I didn't need the pediatrician fussing at me for over feeding Reece, which I totally was not doing.  He was 9lbs when he was born, he's been in the 75-80th percentile his entire life.  Doctors don't know everything.  He has 7 teeth...4 top and 3 bottom and pediatrician said he had his molars pressing through.

We are going through a phase right now where Reece doesn't really want to eat that much, so it's hard on me because I feel like he is starving, but like my mom said, he'll eat when he gets hungry no matter what you feed him.  We have also stopped the formula and started him with 2% milk.  He doesn't really care for it, so I add a little chocolate milk to give it a better flavor.  He does take warm milk before bedtime though.

As for Reece becoming one...Mommy is not taking it too well.  I feel like this past year has flown by.  I've been really emotional lately and found myself going into Reece's room and watching him sleep and crying.  Then at his birthday, when we started to sing Happy Birthday, I just started bawling.  My baby is growing up.  Enough of that!!!!

Again, glad Brielle is doing so well.  Hope the other mommies post about their little one's.
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