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Hi I have a a 5 day old baby who is constantly feeding i.e. breast feeding by day.Has slept for 6 and half hours for the previous 2 nites but constantly hungry by day.I dont know if he is getting enough.Is it too early to supplement with a formula feed in the middle of the day.
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HI, You milk probably hasn't fully come in yet. He is just producing more milk for himself. Slepping 6 and a half hours is fantastic for 5 days old. I would say he is just building up his milk. If you are still worried I would talk to a lactation consultant.
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I wouldn't rush to supplement, unless the baby has jaundice.  Have you been to your first well-baby appointment?  You could talk this over with the pediatrician.  In the meantime, let the baby suck, it stimulates your milk supply like nothing else.  If the baby is getting a supplemental feed, it will result in you not producing to your max over time.
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