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Doctor pressed my stomach really hard?

Im 30 weeks now and my doctor (not baby doc) pressed sore hard on my tummy that I have been in pain for 1 whole day. I'm so scared he has done something to LO I  couldn't stand up straight for a min after he done this and I told him he pressed far to hard and I was sore he just said some ppl are more tender than others and was off with me. Im really upset about this.  My baby has been moving normally right enough.

Has anyone else hurt after doc felt there stomach.

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I am sorry this has never happened to me.. I hope you feel better soon. and if you think something is wrong or even just for a peace of mind call ur ob/gyn and talk to her or walk in to the office and have her check you :0) hope your feeling better. Good Luck :0)
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Thanks, I do feel a bit better today I went back to that Doc the day and told him I was not happy (he thinks I'm nuts now) I told him he better not have hurt my baby, he said he was sorry if he hurt me but he was not worried about doing anything to the baby. I just felt I couldn't not say anything. I think I'm gonna be well overprotective of LO when s/he arrives. I'll need to chill lol!!

Thanks again XX
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lol great i am happy u feel better thats the greatest :0)
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My obgyn pressed EXTREMELY hard on the side of my belly last week cuz he wasn't moving and she wanted him to move.
It hurt and was pretty uncomfortable.
I cramped for the next couple days but I feel fine now.

The womb is very padded and will protect your baby as best as it can.
You'll be fine.
But if you're still concerned, I'd go see your obgyn
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I feel your pain and this has happened to me also and baby has not been moving much since then
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