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I have to leave all of you

We lost our little one.  I just had a DNE yesterday and feeling very sad and angry.  Now my DH and I have to wait for a month to get the test back to see what happened.  I just can't believe it because the hb at 9 weeks was 171bpm and then 4 or 5 days later it stops.  This is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG... words cannot express how very sorry I am. I have been off MD for so long and I just decided today to have a look at the pregnancy forums and I can't believe this has happened to you.  Again, I just don't know what I could possibly say other than that I am truly sorry.
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wow i am so sorry i cant believe ur baby had a hb and then not anymore.. i am truely sorry and i am praying you will get some answers asap. i kow it has to be hard but keep ur head up you need ur strength now ok? if you ever feel like u need someone to chat to or just to vent im here always :0) Big Hugs for you.
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:( sooo sorry to hear that. i know it's every mother's biggest fear. praying you both find comfort during this rough time.
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I am SO sorry for your loss.
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I am SO sorry.  The same exact thing happened to me 2 weeks ago.  We got an u/s, the baby looked great and the hearbeat was strong.  I was told once you see the heartbeat your chances of miscarrying go way down.  4-5 days later we lost the baby.  It's so awful, isn't it?  I totally feel your pain.  My prayers go out to you.
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I am so very sorry to hear about your loss.  I know how you are feeling as I had a m/c in May 2007 and then in November 2008 had a stillborn at 5 1/2 months pregnant.  This was the most terrible thing that has ever happened.  We too, also heard a strong heartbeat via ultrasound and saw the baby move, yawn, etc.  then 2 weeks later, our little angel was gone, it was devastating.

I'll pray for you guys.  I know this is a difficult time for you both, but I am going to say that things will get better in time.  You will get pregnant again and have your little angel in your arms.  

After this happened, for me at  first I was numb for about a month, then the emotions came out...sadness, anger, fear....the third month got better and now I am 10 weeks pregnant again.  Ironically, my due date is around the time of this unfortunate loss.

We'll pray for you.  Take care.  If you ever want to talk just let me know.
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I am truely sorry, I have been in your shoes and know there are no words..Even finding out what happened brings no comfort, in my case it was spontanious placental abruption.  I did have three healthy sons in a row with in 5 years after..God Bless you and you will see your little angel one day. Love, cherie
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I'm sorry that this happened!!! im praying God will wrap His arms around you and hold you through this incredibly hard time. im praying that you will get pregnant again and everything will be perfect
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I am so sorry for your loss.  :(  I know there are no words to make it better, just know you will be in my thoughts and prayers.  
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I am really sorry for ur loss.

I know its hard to overcome this loss.

All our prayers are with u.

Take care of ur health.
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i just loss my baby too...last 2 days ago i went for ultrasound and the baby heart beat stopped.....a week before that i saw a healthy heart beat....my dr was suprised to see it too but she said this do happen in some pregnancies..
how all of you get through it?i cant stop crying whenever i think back of my little one...when i saw babies and kids out there,i wish i have one...it really hurts me..
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I'm sorry for ur lost. This just happened to me this week. I went 4 my 9 week chk up and my baby had no fetal heart beat. I had just seen a healthy baby with heart beat n all two weeks prior. I don't know what happened and will never understand it. Its my second lost of a baby though and it doesn't get easier. It's harder each time. I just had a DnC done and I'm hoping the third times the charm for my hubby n I.
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at least u had ur D&C done..mine still in there..my dr gave me a week time to bleed naturally..but i still havent..so she wan me to get D&C done...
it do get harder and harder each time...this was my second one..
my first miscarriage when i was nearly 5 weeks...and this 7 weeks plus...gosh...i felt terrible.wish i were given and answer for all these..at least can ease my mind.
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